Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Random Bits

Last month I spent a little time in Philadelphia where my company is headquartered. We had a symposium centered around hiring veterans and most of us being veterans spent a lot of time together "comparing scars". Good times... The symposium ended with a trip to the 119th Army-Navy game. Being a USAF veteran I didn't have a dog in that fight, so I auctioned off my enthusiasm to the highest bidder and the Army won the rights to hearing my cheers. They also won the game. Coincidence? I think not.

Personally I like to go to the USAF academy and watch the Army and Navy football teams gasp in the thin air, the USAF Academy is at 6000 feet. As for the NFL, I haven't watched them in almost 2 years. The reason: Sometime in the near future a few young enlisted folks are going to take the flag, MY flag (it was stashed in my beloved EF-111A on a combat mission over downtown Baghdad) off of my coffin, fold it neatly, and hand it to my son. I don't want that flag stained in any way by a punk millionaire.

I'm back now and after catching up at work, I'm catching up at other things. I didn't put my Lord and savior on the back burner, but this blog did get cooled off some. And when I started looking at the news I just want to go back to my veteran brothers and sisters and ask "Did we just waste our time and youth? What did we defend?"

That pope fellow finally spoke out about the scandals rocking his church. It's too little too late, but it's something

Could it be money that got that pope fellow moving?

While diocese are being investigated for child abuse cover ups and bishops are being investigated for serial homosexual abuse, that Pope tells bishops to close ranks and stop pointing fingers. To me it sounds like he's telling his minions to not participate in the investigations. Am I wrong?

The popes instructions are not being followed as names are being named in the Church of the Pope

Oh Dear Lord - it's not just the priests and bishops (and cardinals and monsignors) but the NUNS TOO!  

Thanks to Mr. Pope's minions and their efforts to hide their sins, American distrust of the clergy is at an all time low

Mr. Pope told his fans in 2017 that the church was made for sinners, but in 2019 he tells sinners to stay away from his church

It appears that Pope Francis is now trying to hide behind the Baptists

Don't get cocky Protestants, it's not just Catholic priests that like to rape children

Dallas-area gospel singer and pastor has been arrested on child sex abuse charges.

Woke Goes Broke - the Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy after amending rules that allow openly gay scouts and scout masters and females into their ranks. Are they doing this to avoid litigation in sexual abuse cases?

Roman Catholic bishop Robert Barron tells Ben Shapiro that John 14:6 is just crazy talk

Beth Moore teaches that Romans 10:17 is just crazy talk

Bethel Redding - the presence of God or is it Demons in that church

Did I mention that Celine Dion is an agent of Satan?

New York City’s ‘Gender Neutral’ birth certificate option goes into effect I guess that this is for people who can't figure out what all the bits on their baby indicate?

Would Lutheran's intake of alcohol double if Folgers put out a line of craft beers? Just sayin'...

Anne Graham Lotz warns her cancer could be sign Israel is in danger of fatal attack. She really said that. In public. Aloud. Really.

Ex-Muslim Christian pastor, refugee from Iran, arrested for sharing his testimony — in Minnesota

Religion of Peace Update #1: Muslim US Congresswoman makes fun of Christianity

Religion of Peace Update #2: The grave of 34 Christian martyrs slaughtered for their love of Christ by Daesh (ISIS) was found

Religion of Holy Cows Update #1: Dozens of Christians were stoned and slashed over Christmas by Hindus

Religion of Holy Cows Update #2: Hindu extremists threaten children at Sunday School in southern India

Judah 1 has become the worlds first Christian airline. They plan to have up to 20 airplanes in the next 5 years. You can check them our at https://www.judah1.com/

Progressiveism (including the 'Christian' Left) and true faith cannot co-exist

The new congress just showed what kind of people they are by passing a bill that increases funding for the slaughter of children Why doesn't That Pope say anything about babyslayer catholic Nancy Pelosi?

A male model likes Hillsong because they're not a "Churchy-type of church" with good Christians like the Kardashians or Justin Beiber in attendance, he goes to a "fun church" who doesn't use (and this is a real quote, you can't make this stuff up) "the book with Moses and all that stuff"

Brian Houston asks people to pledge financial allegiance to Hillsong and its false doctrine. I think I recently wrote a post about Brian Houston

A New Years thank you note from the Evangelical Industrial Complex (No way could the Babylon Bee top this!)

Say a prayer of support for our brothers and sisters in their time of tribulation


  1. I just played for a graveside service this afternoon, for a Navy veteran of the Vietnam War. Navy honor guard did the flag ceremony. VFW did their firing squad and fake trumpet Taps, and I ended the ceremony with Amazing Grace. Lots of salutes. Always an honor to honor the Vets.

    Yep, I saw that about the Nuns. Hey, when you tell priests and nuns that they can't marry, they have always looked for a sexual outlet. It is as unbiblical and unnatural as it gets to tell people they can't marry.

    Beth Moore can't stay out of the news - she's a narcissist.

    Bethel is indeed a goat-pen run by demons. So is Hillsong.

    1. After Brian Houston's latest "brainstorm" of pledging financial allegiance to Hillsong, I'm now considering adding updates to his Golden Goat award posting