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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Rosebroughisms - Part of a healthy Christian Lexicon

If you don't listen to the Christian Pirate Radio podcasts you really should give them a try. They are informative, entertaining, and most of all good solid apologetics. Pastor Chris Rosebrough guides his good ship Fighting For The Faith through the oceans of nonsense that were filled with the embarrassing tripe spewed by false teacher, false prophets, and the NAR. (Excuse me for being redundant)

If you love Wretched Radio, you'll love all of the Pirate Christian Radio podcasts and broadcast radio. This is solid Christian teaching, and biblically based exposé of false teaching. false prophesy, and the NAR (again I apologize for the redundancy) If you have a long commute like I have, you may want to download these to your phone or mobile device and listen on the drive. This is the podcast I would have, if I had the talent, and the skill, and the charm, and the knowledge, and the voice, and the Lexicon.

Speaking of the Lexicon, Pastor Rosebrough has developed some great words that are able to convey some very complex ideas in just a few syllables. I try to work them into into my blog because they are creative, descriptive, on point, and can save a lot of typing. Here's some great words you may want to work into your next conversation at bible study: 

Allegoridoxy” – Mixing an allegorical reading of a Biblical text (hidden meaning or metaphor) with  historic, Christian orthodoxy (generally accepted doctrine as defined by the Creeds).

Context–Context–Context” – The three rules for sound, biblical exegesis—to correctly understand the meaning of a Bible verse by reading all of the verses before and after the verse in question.

Dream Destiny Thingy” – An underlying assumption in many sermons, books, and teachings in American Christianity with no basis in Scripture. Phrases like, “God will plant a dream in your heart,” “God has a great destiny planned for you,” “If you have a big enough dream you can do anything” are all examples of the Dream Destiny Thingy. It turns Christianity into a motivational tool and Jesus into a Life Coach who did not die on the cross to pay the penalty for all your sins but rather wants to see you “reach your full potential for excellence.” This is a man-centered, false belief system which requires a combination of narcigesis and a strip-mining of the Bible to appear legitimate.

Evangelical Industrial Complex” – A loosely-knit web of pastors, speakers, evangelists, authors, ministries, TV hosts, and publishing companies who subjectively determine what is “true, biblical” Christianity in order to promote themselves, concentrate their power and propagate the ongoing illusion of “orthodox” doctrine in the midst of false teachings. To maintain their power and manipulate the public, they may occasionally preach the Gospel (usually in a reduced form).

Fornocabootilating” – A silly euphemism for a type of difficult to mention sin and/or sinful activity; basically fornication (unwed relations) with a side of canoodling (amorous cuddling). Some “Christian” groups think drinking alcohol and dancing can lead to said fornocabootilating.

"Herephrase" -A paraphrase of the Bible that's heretical. "The Message" is a very popular example of a herephrase.

Narcigesis” – This term combines the word “narcissist” with the word “eisegesis” to form this me-centered way to interpret Scripture. A “narcissist” is someone who is in love with (and consumed by) themselves and “eisegesis” puts a person’s own interpretation into the biblical text while completely ignoring the objective meaning within the context of the surrounding verses. So “narcigesis” is the process of reading yourself into the text and turning every Bible verse into a story about me.

Pastrix” or “Ministrix” – A female pastor or minister, similar to an abstract mathematician or an unregistered nurse. In both 1 Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:6 the Bible clearly defines one qualification for pastoral ministry as: “the husband of one wife” (literally “the man of one woman”). This means any woman who claims to hold the office of pastor is immediately disqualified.

Profitess” – A female “prophet” who fleeces the sheep using false prophecy primarily for personal profit. A profitess uses “prophecy” to tell people the Holy Spirit told them to rebuke people for not supporting their ministry. We are warned about these false prophets in Jude 1:8-11.

Psychogesis” or “Imagigesis” – Kissing cousins to the practice of “narcigesis” with a primary focus on adding either “psychoanalysis” or “imagination” into Bible interpretation. This is the process of reading psychotherapeutic theories and/or imaginative fairy tales into the Biblical text.

P.H.O.N.I.E.S.” – Stands for: Prophetic Holy Orders Network Information Exchange Syndicate. This unofficial designation is for numerous nut job, wacko, dingbat, screwball, lunatics who claim to be “prophets” of God, yet prove to be otherwise by their constant money-grubbing, failed predictions, inability to rightly handle God’s Word and generally bad fashion, hair and make-up decisions.

Strip Mining the Bible” – While teaching the Dream Destiny Thingy and other falsehoods, a “pastor” will take Bible verses out of context in order to narcigete their way through a “sermon” so they can tickle itching ears and enrich themselves. This utterly strips and destroys God’s Holy Word.

Theological Diarrhea” – A type of verbal “bovine scatology” (not part of the lexicon, but should be) which flows out of a “pastor” who is on a roll, saying spiritual-sounding yet meaningless words in the midst of non-lucid sentences while the praise band slowly builds up steam behind him (or her), preferably to generate so much enthusiasm that biblical discernment is effectively canceled out (or flushed down the commode).


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    1. The podcasts are even more entertaining. I really need to remember to download them, they're longer than my average lunch break