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Friday, January 18, 2019

Random Bits

Here it is, the third Friday of 2019 and I've gotten the random bits post out on time a total of once (and that's only if I get around to publishing it today). Many times I spend more time that I care to admit looking for interesting news worthy articles to read and publish, not this week! 

I've been inundated with news that is both hilarious and saddening. A guy walks into a Game Stop and throws a profanity filled childish fit because he wasn't called ma'am. What's the biblical method of handling that? The only thing that came to mind was to ask to see his drivers license, if it said "Female" say "I'm so sorry ma'am" If it said "Male" say "I'm sorry pal, no hard feelings, ok buddy?" You're not going to win a friend if you quote Deuteronomy 22:5

Any option you choose you're not going to win a friend, that person is full of Satans hate and is simply walking around looking to pick a fight. On the other hand I know some true transsexuals, and they're like any other person on earth, just looking to live without bother or hassle, just like you or me. They're not called to love us, so like "Miss Tiffany" they're emotionally free to act like a 2 year old when they don't get what they want. We on the other hand are called to love them and treat them with respect and grace. 1 Corinthians 4:5 It's all a test - like the rest of the news

Kasper, the Friendly Cardinal claims that people are using the clerical sex abuse crisis in order to oust Pope Frank from the papacy. Dude, you say that like it's a bad thing

Karen Pence (wife of VP Pence) teaches at Christian school, leftist meltdown is guaranteed 

Mike Pence hits back at the leftist meltdown: The mainstream media must stop 'attacks on Christian education'

Would Charles Spurgeon attend the G3 conference?

Ken Ham shows us the proper way to handle hate groups like the Freedom From Religion bullies

The End Is Near! The End Is Near! *gasp!*, *gasp!* There will be a Super Wolf Blood Moon on the 2nd anniversary of Donald Trump's swearing in ceremony. Coincidence? Let the trolling conspiracy theories begin

Mega-pastor James McDonald has taken an "indefinite sabbatical" from preaching and leading at the Harvest Bible Chapel Chicago location. Is this voluntary? Is this just spin to defuse public anger at his actions? Is he going to carry on being Mega-pain McDonald at a HBC outside of Chicago?

Something I've been saying for years: the problem with celebrity Christian music is that it takes the glory from God

It seems like everyone is writing their own version of scripture lately, now the Chinese government is writing their own version of God's word. Christians are being locked up and driven into hiding as Chinese government begins "promoting Chinese Christianity" through thought reform and by retranslating and annotating  the Bible to establish a "correct understanding" of the text.

China is creating "Church Free Zones" around schools and is requiring churches to submit the names of their young members to the government

China demands that the First Commandment be abolished

China gives their police quotas for arresting Christians

China is taking over churches and turning them into theaters, game rooms, and other types of entertainment venues.

Global persecution of Christians is up by 30 million in 2018; 245 million Christians faced significant persecution, 4,136 Christians were murdered for professing their faith 2,625 Christians were arrested and imprisoned, and 1,266 churches or Christian-operated buildings were attacked

A new country joins the Top Ten Most Persecuting of Christians list

The Very Rev. Dr. John Shepherd (as opposed to the Nearly Rev.?) Has proclaimed the resurrection of Jesus Christ to be 'symbolic' rather than real. Which is probably why the Anglican church sent him to the Vatican.

Catholics are urged not to touch each other as the Flu spreads

Brooklyn pastor Matthew Gibson was arrested and charged with criminal sexual abuse and forcible touching of a female victim between the ages of 9 and 14. Oh wait, it gets worse. Much Worse

Jude 1:4 warns that false teachers will pervert the grace of our God into sensuality. That's what the Word of Faith movement is all about, and Christine Caine is the queen of perverting God's grace to suit her own desires

According to one Charismatic preacher, the apostle Paul was wrong when he told a man not to worship him

Here's some thoughts on William Branham the father of the New Apostolic Reformation, Now you know why the NAR is so weird

Speaking of the NAR, NAR Official False Prophet James Goll gets discernment 100% backwards by claiming in his new book that the word made flesh that John wrote about in 1 John 1:14 is actually James Goll (the False Teacher of the Year 2019 search committee is furiously taking notes)

More NAR madness: Supernatural Acceleration! Women Rise Up! Possessing the Gates of the Enemy! Joyful Increase! Transitions into the Blessings! Hyperbole! Overstatements! False Teaching!

Even MORE NAR Nonsense: Pete Rose is now a sign of Jesus' second advent!!!

Betcha didn't know this, but God assisted mankind in creating everything. It's true! Well, it says that in the embarrassingly popular "Jesus Calling" and other New Age biblical fan-fiction books that are sold as real theology

Michael Curry, the presiding “bishop” and primate of the apostatized Episcopal Church has issued a partial restriction against a New York minister who recently released a directive prohibiting any pastors in his jurisdiction from officiating same-sex “weddings.”

Pastor charged with stealing $35,000 from his North Dakota ELCA church.

Theological narcissist elevates icon of the "Christian" Left to the rank of priest, both get Faith wrong

This really happened 😔

Religion of Holy Cows Update: Christians attacked 25 times by Hindus over Christmas in India

Christian dishwasher fired by hotel because she refused to work Sundays was awarded $21,000,000 by a federal court

Chic-fil-A was open on Sunday, for a super special reason

Here's something different: The Visual Commentary on Scripture

The man who threw profane childish fit in a store for not being called ‘Ma’am’ says He ‘would do it 100,000 times again’

This is just a partial list of warning signs of the dreaded Toxic Masculinity. other signs include; being the actual spiritual leader of your family, changing a flat tire, holding the door open for your wife, and knowing that the Left is called the Left because they're never right.

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  1. "and they're like any other person on earth". --- umm, no the aren't. They are demented and perverted.

    MacDonald should never again be allowed in any position of authority.

    The NAR is as cultic as it gets.