Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Random Bits

This world is not my home I'm just a'passing through
My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue
The angels beckon me from heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home in this world anymore
I used to get up and read the news every morning, however what used to be the news media has become a toxic wasteland promoting not a review of the events of the day, but a festering sinkhole of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Their lies and disinformation about the Russian Collusion Delusion failed to overturn the legitimate 2016 presidential election so now they are trying to derail the 2020 election using the same tactic: lies and disinformation. 

Yesterday President Trump spoke of the possibility of using heat and ultraviolet light as a disinfectant to cleanse the body of the Chinese Virus, today the media is hysterically screeching that President Trump told the American people to inject Lysol. In the meantime state governments who are treating adults like adults and allow many freedoms have lower infection rates (Florida) than states who treat everyone like serfs or mere possessions (Michigan). Drive in churches that follow CDC guidelines are being harassed, while Muslim mosques are continuing to hold their services same as always, shoulder to shoulder, are unharassed by the left careening media. Does this madness remind you of anything? I personally am thinking of the literal translation of Matthew 24:10-13
 10 At that time many will be caused to stumble and will hand over one another and hate one another. 11 Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. 12 Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. 13 But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.
Speaking of false prophets: "At noon March 29, 2020 The Covid-10 pandemic is OVER" - Kenneth Copeland Thanks Kenny! Someone get that man a new corporate jet

Female teachers to avoid

If you have pets you should avoid Cindy Jacobs too

I have nothing against women of God, but there are biblical requirements of both men and women whom are called to serve. The SBC used to know that, but it seems like they don't anymore

Heaven is not Christians true eternal home? Here's some compelling answers to your questions

A Harvard law professor characterized homeschooling as parents having “authoritarian control” over their children and called for a “presumptive ban” on the practice

Christians in Pakistan are being denied food, but the Church is providing them with their needs

"The Church of the Healthy Self" - Does that even sound like a real Christian church? It wasn't

Churches in a California county were ordered 'no singing' during live streaming online services

A Kansas-based megachurch has helped to relieve approximately $4.7 million in medical debt

Chinese officials remove crosses from churches amid coronavirus for being 'higher than the national flag'

Chinese Police arrest Christians participating in Zoom Easter worship service

An Oxford University professor has been arrested as part of an investigation into the theft and unauthorized sale of ancient Bible fragments to Hobby Lobby Stores

You just had to know this was going to happen (insert eye rolling emoji here)

Just to show that uneducated partisan hysteria isn't just for the LGBTQXYZ zealots, there's this guy

New York State issues "Do Not Resuscitate" orders for cardiac patients because: Chinese Virus. The socialist left went crazy trying to defend Italy's decision to do the same with elderly patients, but I haven't seen a peep about this. The media is probably too busy pushing the TDS narrative

Just when I thought that the False Teacher of the Year award for 2020 was locked up by Andy Stanley, our old favorite front runner Todd Bentley has announced his Return To Apostasy 2020 tour

The Iranian government has sentenced a female  Christian human rights campaigner to ten excruciating lashes. Her crimes? She is being tortured by the religion of peace because she was “protesting against the slaughter of human beings; because of showing sympathy for the families of those who perished on the Ukraine airline crash” and “because of defending the rights of all humans.”

The unChristian world is harassing Christians who worship following CDC guidelines yet, the media has been silent on Islamic mosques that continue to hold services and obviously not following the social distancing guidelines

No, this isn't the Babylon Bee but Bart Barber believes baptism can be done on line and has done it, but the lord's supper cannot be done on line (how about that alliteration!)

This article IS the Babylon Bee and it's much closer to reality than you might think

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Is the Church in the Hands of Anti-Christ Digital Media Giants?

Yeah, it's that bad.

That's the quick answer. There is a longer answer which goes like this:

No. The Church is in the hands of Christ Jesus.

There you go, crisis averted. God is in His heaven, His son who died for our sins defeated death and is our Lord and Savior.

What is in the hands of Anti-Christ digital media giants is not the Church, it's not the gospel, but the megaphone. It's not even a megaphone, it's the digital equivalent of a pair of soup cans with string in the middle. Reformation Charlotte has been worried about churches turning to digital streaming platforms in an effort to continue preaching and teaching their congregations. Some congregations have turned to Facebook, for the life of me I don't know why. Facebook is like Google who owns YouTube, their definition of "Hate Speech" is fluid and changes to target a particular organization that causes the panties of left wing hate groups like Vox to bunch.
The bottom line is that these media giants are not regulated by the FCC and are considered private organizations that can choose to allow the flow of whatever content the ivory-tower limp-wristed leftists deem to be appropriate. They are not required by law to respect free speech or religious rights. Right now, if these companies start facing pushback from left-wing activists to shut down churches who are preaching God’s word, they will not hesitate to do it, rest assured. (source)
Recently Google has removed the app for Christ Church where "controversial and outspoken pastor, Douglas Wilson preaches"... "while holding to a few odd theological positions in some areas" ... "and the far left hates him with a passion. Heck, moderates and even moderate rights hate him" And Reformation Charlotte was there with an "I told you so"

Friday, April 17, 2020

Random Bits

This world is not my home I'm just a'passing through
My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue
The angels beckon me from heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home in this world anymore
Week five of the lock down. Not to take credit for this, but people like me are the cause of the lock-down. I have several "underlying conditions" which would make this virus uncomfortably fatal to me. If I were in Italy and I caught the Kung Flu they wouldn't even treat me. 

Most people would just barely be affected by this virus, but we need to know more about the Wuhan Virus to be able to identify them. Unfortunately since the originators of the virus (我知道你是谁)  failed to share with the world the exact toxicity of this pathogen, EVERYONE has to be quarantined until more can be learned the hard way, through science.

I wanted to use this space to share how our little church of Bereans works to stay together, but that will be something to share in its own blog entry. I also want to allay the fears that other churches have about putting their services in the hands of the like of Google and Microsoft and Facebook, but that really needs its own blog entry also, even though the answer is so simple.

Until that time when the skills and knowledge that God gave us can come up with more answers, we have to lean on God's words, I personally suggest starting with Philippians 4:6-7 

Darn it! I forgot to celebrate Dyngus Day! (The best way to describe Dyngus day is: think of a Polish St. Patrick's day)

Samaritan's Purse has done some incredible things, unfortunately most Christians only know them for Operation Christmas Child. Samaritan's Purse opened an Ebola treatment center in the Congo last year, a feat I can't comprehend because of the love and courage it must take to treat people with Ebola. The mortality rate for Ebola is 50% - it must be horrific for a doctor to realize that there's nothing he can do to save half the victims he treats. This is how a New York City resident welcomed a Samaritan's purse field hospital. and this is why he protested their presence

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are living under Chinese persecution

Speaking of the Chinese, there's a certain pope (I won't mention any names) who just thanked them for doing what they did

It's only April, but Andy Stanley has taken a BIG lead in the race for False Teacher Of The Year!

Ok all you Faith Healers, bring on that healing! Let's go!

Virginia passed legislation forcing churches to allow men into women's bathrooms.

Here's the dangerous way to do it

Here's the safe way to do it

And here's the stupid way to do it

A Catholic bishop has called for a mass exorcism

The Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing has a cure for the Chinese Virus, sort of

Thank goodness! Kenneth Copeland has ended the Chinese Virus pandemic. It's over.

Google Bans Church’s Streaming Because the Preaching is ‘Insensitive’ During Pandemic. This is a surprise? YouTube was demonitizing channels for just mentioning the virus. YouTubers had to call the pandemic the "Beverage Bug" because saying "Corona Virus" got you booted.

Con-cast via their lackies in MSNBC call white Evangelicals a "Doomsday Cult"

Sleepy Joe Biden claims that people who support the president think that ALL Mexicans are rapists and ALL Muslims are bad

There! It's Fixed! Thanks to the Babylon Bee

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Random Bits

This world is not my home I'm just a'passing through
My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue
The angels beckon me from heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home in this world anymore
I stopped posting a few months ago because it just got STUPID out there, and every time I looked for something to write about there was Beth Moore staring me in the face. If that Sneaky Squid that Jennifer LeClair is schlepping is still around, its face would resemble Beth Moore and it would be a staff writer at Christianity Today Astray. That's my imaging, you  can picture it however you want.

Believe me, it's hard to write when a sneaky 10 armed squid spirit with the face of a Journey groupie is entrancing the women of your church.

Life here on the Northern Colorado prairie has gotten pretty quiet in the past couple of months, Mrs. WideAwakeChristian and I were planning to relocate because it's getting horribly expensive to live here because of the influx of economic refugees pouring in from California, then the virus hit the fan and everything stopped. I've been spending time every day on my treadmill, and every day it gets easier and easier. I've logged over 250 miles on my machine since New Years Day and my doctors are thrilled with my progress. I just saw Dr. Chicago and next week I see Dr. Awesome, and they both are thrilled with my progress. It truly is a blessing in these days of turmoil to turn off the fake news and go for a walk, or get on your treadmill, or get on your bike, and spend some alone time with God.

I'm not saying that Mr Pope is unhinged, or a pagan or something like that, I'm just saying that Pope Francis came up with an unhinged, pagan reasoning for the Chinese Virus

... then he asks a dead lady to do away with the Chinese Virus

We know that Mr. Pope is isolated and ignorant of what is really going on in the world, or is he?

Questionable poll: 8 out of 10 Pastors say current events are a sign of Jesus' return (Editor's note: the only true sign of Jesus' return is (believe it or not) Jesus' return.)

How many of these prayer searches include "Giving thanks for the Chinese Virus" as we are instructed to do by Jesus

A Virginia pastor who criticized the “mass hysteria” surrounding the Chinese virus pandemic has died of the Chinese virus pandemic

But where will they be turning in a couple of months?

The governor of Texas understands, and he understands the first amendment too

The governor of Colorado was educated, and now he understand the first amendment too

Michael Brown may not be Charismatic or NAR, but he IS an enabler for them

My little church of Bereans is part of this 93%, but we haven't stopped meeting, not one little bit!

If heresy and mocking God were a criminal act, Rodney Howard Brown would have been tossed in a cell decades ago, instead he gets his comeuppance for endangering his flock

Christian arrested for "Preaching While Social Distancing"

Entire church building arrested for possible China Virus panic infraction

Reason #101 that I need to leave Colorado - my local police arrest a man for playing with his daughter in an empty park. The City of Brighton doesn't need a Chinese Virus to do dumb things

Why do some pastors commit fornication? According to Benny Hinn It's God's Fault (I bet Bill Clinton wishes he came up with that one)

God is using this pandemic to tear down idols and strengthen relationships with Christ - Hulk Hogan said that. Really! The professional wrestler Hulk Hogan! God really does work in mysterious ways

5.7 magnitude earthquake shook Salt Lake City and caused Moroni atop the LDS Temple to drop his yard of ale trumpet

And leave it to the Babylon Bee to cut through the gloom and doom and surpass the Lame Stream Media by reporting on a shining light of no greater love