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Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Gospel is Under Attack... Again


According to Canadian Law, God is an Incompetent Buffoon

He created them male and female, and He blessed them and named them “mankind” on the day when they were created.
(Genesis 5:2)

This was a pretty good setup. How do we know? because God echoed the male/female arrangement in every one of his higher creations. When God makes something good, he uses it a lot. Gravity is one of His best ideas, He put it everywhere. You cannot go anywhere in the universe and not be affected by the pull of gravity. This whole male/female thing is another great idea because it works, so he applied it to all of his mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, etc. Nowhere in the bible does God say "Ooops, I should have made a few more genders." 

Now why would God go and do something mean like that? What's wrong with changing your gender to fit your mood like a chameleon walking across a Sherwin-Williams catalogue? Because WHO you are is deeply ingrained in the concept of WHAT you are. 

There are much greater differences between men and women besides what you have dangling (or not) between your legs. Men have larger lungs than women, it's a fact, ask any pulmonologist. Although men and women have the same number of alveoli, in males they are much larger providing more surface area to absorb oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Men have larger hearts than women, better to move that oxygen rich blood to their muscular structure which is also much larger than women. Knowing these scientific facts it would be bloody stupid to allow men and women to compete head to head in athletic competition, right? Of course it would, you'd have to be an utter dolt to think that such a competition would be fair... 

Your psychological makeup is also deeply ingrained in what you are. Men and women think differently. A recent study revealed that male brains may be optimized for motor skills, and female brains may be optimized for combining analytical and intuitive thinking. This is based on how male and female brains are "wired" between the hemispheres. 

Knowing all of this, architects of modern society (social leeches) stand tall, ignore all theological and scientific data, and boldly proclaim, "Nah, I know better!" One of the biggest issues in Modern America is Gender Dysphoria, a silent, deadly pandemic that is slaughtering Americans. For some strange reason, the political left has chosen gender confused people to be their canon fodder. 

Gender Dysphoria is a thing, it's deadly, and it's real. At some point a person who believes that God screwed up and "assigned" them the wrong gender goes through gender confusion therapy, where they become prey to social leeches who feed their confusion and suddenly they become "Transgender" when in actuality they're closer to transvestites. Rather than help these people the social leeches feed their confusion with deadly results. Thirty percent of these poor souls attempt suicide. Not consider, but actually try to kill themselves. 

In Canada it is now illegal to try and help these people. As reported in the Daily Wire:

(The article is behind a paywall, you can hear it here for free in the Morning Wire Podcast January 15th edition or read it here)

Canadian law C-4, bans any counseling that advocates for the Christian standard that sex is reserved for one man and one woman within marriage. It also potentially criminalizes any instruction confirming that human beings are created as wholly male or female from birth. The Bible doesn’t have a category for transgender, but it does have passages teaching that men aren’t to dress like women and vice versa.

In Indiana a bill has been introduced in the statehouse that would ban physical and emotional therapy in an attempt to save a minor from the emotional ravages of gender dysphoria even if that person asks for help. Pastors say that the language is so broad that preaching Genesis 5:2 authorities can interpret it as trying to potentially convince someone in the audience not to be gay or transgender, they could arrest the pastor.

Renowned Los Angeles pastor John MacArthur has issued an open call for ministers to preach on sexual morality in light of the afore mentioned Canadian law that criminalizes conversion therapy. He has specifically issued the public invitation for "ministers of the Gospel" to join him on January 16 in preaching about what he calls "a biblical view of sexual morality." 

According to MacArthur, "faithful Canadian pastors are going to preach on the issue, calling for a biblical understanding of sexual sin, the eternal judgment that falls on the unrepentant and gospel-rejecting sinners, and the grace of God in the gospel which offers forgiveness to those who repent and believe in Christ," citing 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.

How stupid dangerous (Nah, Stupid works here too) is the Canadian law? Check out this quote:

"heterosexuality, cisgender gender identity, and gender expression that conforms to the sex assigned to a person at birth" are all "myths" that should be debunked.

According to Canadian law God is an incompetent buffoon. Notice if you will, that there are no laws preventing homosexual recruitment of young, normal, gender confident children. Our children are prey for these social vampires. 

Maybe we should close the Canadian border back down.

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