Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Random Bits

It's been a tough couple of weeks and there's only been a couple of weeks in the entire year 2019. All year long (all 25 days of it) I've been struggling with medical issues, if I take too much of a particular prescription I risk with kidney failure, if I take too little I risk cardiac failure. Dr. Chicago and her team (Barb, Miss Vickie, Ann, and The Good Ann) are frustrated getting the dosage just right - the problem is whether I take too much or too little I feel just fine, so I keep track of my stats: weight, blood oxygen saturation, body temp, and blood pressure and pass them on to the doc and her crew and wait for the inevitable dosage change (Note: my BP is usually 110/65, I don't get high BP, I'm a carrier, I cause high blood pressure in other people)

Prayers are welcome, especially for Dr. Chicago, Barb, Miss Vickie, Ann, and The Good Ann, But I would mostly like prayers for HC. My friend HC and his wife just lost a three year old child. She died right there in front of her parents and her six brothers and sisters. Needless to say that family is in shock. They truly are experiencing a family's worst nightmare.

I don't watch the History Channel very often (read: never) because they don't do actual history any more. I end up watching The History Guy on YouTube for my history fixes now (he is excellent). But I will make an attempt to watch the History Channel's new eight-part television series called “Jesus: His Life” and I'll report back to you

I was surprised to discover that Lady Gaga is an actual musician under her popular culture disguise (including her meat dress {it's a real thing, look it up}) but now she is a Christian Theologian! Dear Lord, please have mercy on the wretched souls that follow her

Actual Christians react to Lady Gaga's rants

Now that false teacher John of God is gone, so are his followers

Is the destruction of society caused by rebellious women, or are rebellious women a product of a destroyed society? Either way, weak men are a major component of the downfall

Hey! Pastor John Gray: Not everyone can be a Steven Furtick, but nice try!

The memory of a Louisburg KS teen inspires a bible reading challenge

An example of church discipline done right

The atheist left went insane over Karen Pence teaching at Immanuel Christian School because Immanuel Christian School discriminates - but does Immanuel Christian School discriminate?

Governor Andrew Cuomo has turned New York into a killing field, watered with the blood of the unborn (I don't know what these people have around their necks, but it looks like blood soaked rags to me) Moloch must be proud at what his acolytes have done

You can give a lethal injection to an infant in New York, but you can't give one to a convicted murderer

Will the Gilette razor company make an annoying companion advertisement regarding Toxic Femininity?

A small business in New York closes in mourning after Governor Andrew Cuomo authorizes "open season" on children

Side note to New York Child Murder Apologists - yes the new law does say that killing a baby during it's birth (the law allows for infantcide as long as any part of the child is inside the mother) can only happen if the health of the mother is in danger, but the 1973 Doe v. Bolton decision determines that the term "health" includes "emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman's age."

We don't need false teachers to tell us that we're in "the last days", we have clueless New York Socialists to do that for us

What are people saying about Christian blogging?

Religion of Peace Update #1: Christian Governor imprisoned for blasphemy has been freed

Religion of Peace Update #2: Muslim policemen beat and arrested a Christian man on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya for refusing to recant Christianity

Religion of Peace Update #3: A Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy has been acquitted one month after two Christians were sentenced to death

Yes it's a sick world descending into depravity out there. It's also very stupid too

Pastor accused of choking woman pregnant with his child at Southside Impact Church

2017 Golden Goat winner (Golden Goat = false teacher of the year) Jennifer LeClaire is trying for the 2019 Golden Goat by telling her acolytes to "Stop Praying!"

Joyce Meyer (obvioulsy trying for the 2019 Golden Goat) claims that she has the faith that can raise the dead, and you can, too! Someone please tell me that the photo was photoshopped to make her look like The Joker. Please. 

Kris Vallotton, acolyte of Bethel Church, has now stepped up to vie for the coveted 2019 Golden Goat by promising spiritual automotive repair! (Pleeeeeezzzz be true, my car has hail damage and the passenger side window doesn't roll down, and there's this squeak...)

All flocks need a Sheep Dog Not just standing in physical security of the church, but in the spiritual security too.

God Calling and Jesus Calling - training manual for mediums? You decide

...and to the church at Sodom and Gomorrah....

The Chinese Communist Party is cracking down on its members who secretly believe in God. Devotion to the Party must be absolute. People who think that this can't happen here, please comment below

A fossil of a huge mammal-like creature (synapsid) found in the Triassic layer showing that large (elephant size) mammals lived in the time of the largest dinosaurs. This means two things: evolution school books have to be revised, and that the best way to get God to laugh is still to tell Him your plans

Most transgender people cannot serve in the United States military for the same reason as people with diabetes cannot serve. Why did it take the supreme court to uphold that truth? If you don't understand why most transgender people cannot serve in the United States military, comment below, I will give you the answer.

Where can I get me a MAGA hat?  (I really want one now)

This is not the Babylon Bee, this is an actual Charismatic breaking his own HPM (Heresy Per Minute) Record

This is the Babylon Bee ➞ The Babylon Bee Facial Expression Guide. This is how the media is able to determine how a Christian is thinking when they are being attacked by lunatics and suffer the assault with silence


  1. Sorry to hear about your medical woes; praying for you.

    Lady Gaga is one ugly woman, inside and out. She has no clue what Christianity is about.

    "Hey Pastor John Gray" link is bad.

    Yes Immanuel Christian School discriminates -- against behaviors and belief. Just like ALL Christian schools should.

    The false teachers just keep coming! They are goat-herds, with very large herds who refuse to even consider who they follow might be a wolf.

  2. Doug, prayers for you, your family and your doctors and their staff.

    NY continues along its established path as you've described. The only thing people seem to be talking about are the "poor government workers".

    In regard to "men who are men", Lutheran Library just republished a short message from an Anglican - William Tisdall - from the days when the Church of England really had mission boards who sought to convert the world to Christ. The ebook and PDF versions are available for download "It is the Will of God! A Plea for Mission Work Among the Muslims">

    God bless you and your family.

  3. May God grant your physicians wisdom, and you His peace which surpasses all understanding. I will keep you in my prayers, Dough.

    As I have stated elsewhere, no other age of apostasy is a fair standard of comparison to this one. This is bad like no other. Indeed, numerous professing Christians will be shocked when they hear our Lord Jesus Christ say to them, "I never knew you, depart from me you workers of iniquity" (Matthew 7:21). May God grant those people repentance before it is too late.

    God bless you and your family.

    1. Thank you Jesse, and God has blessed me with some of the best doctors on earth in regards to my ailments. The University of Colorado opened a Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension clinic which is amazing because PAH is pretty rare, it only strikes 1 out of 1,000,000 people annually (cause is still unknown). The head of the clinic invited me in for a chat, and he and the doctor that would be seeing me gave me a long "sales pitch" on what they would do for me. At the end of the pitch he asked me who I was seeing. I said "Dr. Xyz at National Jewish Health."

      He said "Dr. Amy Xyz?"

      I said "Yes sir."

      He said "Then there's nothing I can do for you, you're already seeing the best." and went on to explain why Dr. Xyz (AKA Dr. Awesome) truly is the best. It was at that point I realized that God had truly blessed me. This disease isn't a curse, and my oxygen tank isn't a mill stone, it's an anchor to keep me grounded, to remind me that God is sovereign. Yes, dragging around an oxygen tank is a pain, and not being able to play with my grandkiddos without gasping for air makes me sad, but if God hadn't blessed me with Dr. Awesome (and then adding the blessings of Dr. Chicago and her team of Barb, Miss Vickie, Ann, and The Good Ann), I'd be very dead or very close to it.