Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Random Bits

"I walk through this sinful world as a 
pilgrim in a foreign country" - CH Spurgeon
My wife and I spent a lot of money on many things this year, from doctor bills to dog grooming our budget was stressed. So we decided to not get anything for each other this Christmas, to just be thankful for what we have. This was a great idea because our children came up with Christmas gifts that surpass all others. Our daughter-in-law took to wearing a patriotic t-shirt that said "Red White & Due"and just recently our daughter took to dressing up her only child in a t-shirt that emblazoned with "Just Promoted To Big Sister"

God gifted us with two grandsons, Oliver is due in March, and Chase is due in July and we couldn't be happier. On one hand we are incredibly delighted even though next years Christmas budget for grandchildren just doubled. On the other hand, we have six children. if each had come up with a Christmas present like this my wife and I may have considered a quick move in the middle of the night to an undisclosed location. 😅 Although Christmas time is a time of joy, quiet reflection, and gratitude for a promise kept, it's also the time of rebellion against God for many. Sad to say it, but to many the thought of a prayer of thanks to our creator for gifting us with the savior He promised is extremely unpalatable so much so that the prayers of the faithful must be disrupted in order to make themselves feel better. Don't believe me? just look at this weeks wrap-up of nuts and fruitcakes:

Famed goatpen Hillsong NYC has replaced their naked cowboy with a Nearly Naked Santa.

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays - the choice is becoming a political battle that the left gets pretty nasty about

Pray for RC Sproul and his family

The Illinois Infant Murder Encouragement law was found to be unconstitutional by a Illinois judge

China arrested several Christians accusing them of illegal cult activities

Religion of Peace Update #1 - A Pakistani "refugee" in Germany plowed a huge truck through a German Christmas market in Berlin killing 12 people and injuring many others. Daesh claimed responsibility for the terror attack on the Christmas market.Now I'm not going to accuse the Merkle government of utter incompetance in this case, I will let history do that.  Update - the murderer Anislearning the truth about Allah, imagine the shock he experienced when he found out!
Amri is now

Religion of Peace Update #2 - The Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, has been shot while speaking at an art exhibit in the Turkish capital of Ankara. A Russian diplomat murdered by an Islamist in a NATO country - this is not good

Religion of Peace Update #4 - Daesh published a list of names and addresses of thousands of churches in the United States and called on its followers to “turn the Christian New Year into a bloody horror movie.”

Religion of Peace Update #5 - Truly the sick side of the "Religion Of Peace"

Clueless in the Nordic: A school in Norway has been forced to deny censoring references to ‘Santa’ and ‘elves’ from Christmas songs in a bizarre attempt to avoid offending atheists. (All those "Narveegin" jokes we tell in North Dakota sound half as ridiculous as this)

The Nativity

The Prince of Peace

Holy Mary mother of God...?

Why doesn't the bible talk about dinosaurs? The same reason why it doesn't tell you about zebras

Bad News folks - The Shack is coming to the big screen. God is played by Octavia Spencer Jesus is played by Avraham Aviv Alush and the Holy Spirit is played by Sumire Matsubara. Satan is played by William Young who twists the word of God and leads the viewers to hell

Atheists Running Wild!!! - If you talk about The Shack movie, YOU'RE A RACIST!!!

Atheists Running Wild!!!!!! - Sending toothbrushes and soap to destitute children via Operation Christmas Child IS EVIL!!!

Atheists Running Wild !!!!!!!!! - The left's war on Christmas has now opened fire on our Lord and Savior himself by claiming that  JESUS NEVER EXISTED!!!

Atheists Running Wild !!!!!!!!!!!! - An elementary school production of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” has been cancelled due to the offensive line GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!!! 

Atheists Running Wild !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Shelton CT has allowed a single  atheists to put up a "winter solstice" banner on public land claiming that THERE IS NO GOD!!! however in his screed against theistic belief systems deep thinker Jerry Bloom has missed the fact that the winter solstice is a pagan celebration so he's advancing that theistic belief system, and atheism is actually a theistic belief system which he is advancing. He's also missed the fact that the winter solstice is over so he needs to take down his silly sign.

A worship band leader accidentally reads sheet music where the "worship" band can see him and is accused of witchcraft. It's GOT to be true, I saw it on the internet

Christ, der Retter ist Sa!

If you've ever had any doubt that Silent Night (Stille Nacht) was actually a German Song please listen to this - the bratwurst und pommes frites mit mayonnaise or saubraten mit spätzle is only slightly more German than this version

This is probably the sweetest version of a wonderful old wish for a Merry Christmas

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  1. "Holy Mary Mother of God" link goes the same place as "Prince of Peace."

    Islam is bent on conquering Europe and then the USA, and the world.

    A "racist" for condemning "The Shack" - Now I've heard everything.

    Atheists are running amok, aren't they!?!? It's not that they don't believe in God -- They believe and are afraid and don't like being reminded that He will hold them accountable.