Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Random Bits

"I walk through this sinful world as a 
pilgrim in a foreign country" - CH Spurgeon
I actually had this post finished yesterday but I got sidetracked by one of my guilty pleasures, namely this music video - could you imagine if that song was re-written as a biblical praise to God? I mean, it's got the Alpha and Omega already, and God should be our everything... I think I'll get the lyrics and improve them.

It's been a rough year, it started with the passing of my father, followed soon after by both of our chocolate labs, then more medical issues, then visiting with my mom who no longer remembers me at all... but on the whole it could have been worse. This year is starting to look better, my home church, the First Congregational Church of the Bereans (I made that up, but it fits) lost a couple of Deacons, but God sent us real live and for truely Elders. How cool is that? And what better feeling is there to have an Oncologist tell you "There ain't nothing wrong with you, get outta my office" God has been with me every step of the way, and to show His love He sent me a guardian angel a few years ago to watch over me and care for me, and in a couple of weeks we celebrate our wedding anniversary.

Taking Christmas off: A litmus test for unhealthy churches. If you're in the Denver area and your church is closing its doors on Christmas day, email me or respond here and I'll send you directions to my little enclave of Bereans. We will have coffee ready.

Spurgeon said “Discernment is not simply a matter of telling the difference between what is right and wrong; rather it is the difference between right and almost right.” Pulpit and Pen has 10 rules to help with this effort

The Roman Catholic Church just added a new made-up dogma to their made-up doctrine. I wonder what penance the priest will assign when you admit to using a Styrofoam coffee cup in the confessional

"...and the Lord declaireth this to be the Season of Popcorn and this shall be a sign unto you..." It's right there in Fabrications 8:22, look it up.

Forget about Jesus, Steven Furtick now tells us that Steven Furtick is the weapon and the sword formed against death and Hell.

Religion of Peace Update #1 - December 11 is celebrated as the birth of Muhammad, and on that day this year a Christian church was bombed. Update: The perpetrators of this attack have been identified

Religion of Peace Update #2 - Polygamy, Sharia style

Religion of Peace Update #3 - Relatives of a former Islamic teacher attacked his 60-year-old mother for becoming a Christian

Religion of Peace Update #4 - I love Köln (Cologne) Germany, I've been there numerous times for the Fasching Karneval and to tour the Kölner Dom (a 768 year old Gothic marvel). How could German society allow this to happen?

The ACLU is suing Knightstown IN to remove a cross from the town Christmas Tree

Celebrating Christmas - to liberals it's the same as abortion.


Sean Hannity, who like me is a Recovering Catholic, is producing a Christian movie with Kevin and Sam Sorbo titled Let There Be Light

One of the scariest videos I've seen in a long time

This ain't MY Air Force: Moody Air Force Base recently celebrated “diversity day” -  Women’s Equality, Asian American and Pacific Islander month, LGBT pride, Holocaust Remembrance. I guess celebrating Christian Values is far too diverse for them.

An Italian town cancels their annual nativity for fear of offending Muslims

Depression happens, even to Christians. You can't magic it away.

Ok, I admit it, I had to look up "Imprecatory Psalm" to find out what it was, but then this story HAS to be true, I saw it on the internet

This weeks favored Christmas carol is Gesu Bambino performed by Carla Maffioletti. Like In Dulci Jublio this too is a macaronic carol meaning that it's performed in two languages, neither of which I can speak - the song is mostly in Italian and the chorus is Latin (lyrics). A third language is used for the introduction (German) which makes three languages I cannot speak, but it appears to me that the conductor seems to enjoy pointing out that he's having problems (or having fun) with pronouncing her name and that Carla is Sicilian (she was actually born in Brazil). Glenn, can you help with the translation? Carla is an accomplished and wonderful coloratura soprano, coloratura simply means that her singing ability is distinguished by agile runs, leaps and trills, which makes her perfect for Gesu Bambino.


  1. So Rome decides, without any real evidence, that global "climate change" is at least partly caused by mankind??! Rome has long since just pandered to the LEFT and parrot all of the dogma of the LEFT. Real science is ignored in order to promote the LEFTIST agenda. Just more evidence that Rome has nothing to do with God.

    As for Furtick, he's a weapon of Satan.

    The ACLU and their ilk will continue to remove an semblance of the Christian faith so long as activist judges continue to disregard what the Constitution actually says while promoting their own "separation of church and state" agenda.

    An Air Force Base celebrating "diversity" (i.e. perversion) is what we've come to under the administration of a perverse, godless, lawless president and his lackeys.

  2. Am I old fashion or what with my reasoning that it makes no sense to say "I'm going to celebrate Christ's birth and incarnation by skipping the Lord's Day with God's people...

    1. There's a church here in my little prairie town taking Christmas off. PCUSA - go figure.