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Friday, September 14, 2018

Random Bits

Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction (2 Thessalonians 2:3)

This verse has been swirling around in my head a lot lately, and not because of the mention of the man of lawlessness. It seems that a lot of people concentrate on that portion of the verse, but to me the apostasy stands out front and center although the man of lawlessness could be the cause or the head of the apostasy.

I personally believe that we are seeing the falling away happening right now and the hate and anger that is filling the airwaves is what happens when you take God out of our lives. Nature abhors a vacuum and the gap left when God is removed is filled with superficial superstitious nonsense and rage when that nonsense falls short of God's glory.

Once upon a time the Roman Catholic Church was a God centered entity, but with great power comes great corruption. The seeds of today's catholic implosion were planted in the second and third century when gnostics claimed that material things are evil and marriage was somehow a material thing. The roman church became God to the roman church, and they replaced God's natural desires with nothing. And now they're shocked when their little world reacts the same way the whole world reacts when you take away God?

Bishop Richard Malone of Buffalo, New York not only refused to step down when confronted with documentation that he mishandled allegations of sexual abuse by his flock of pervert priests, he returned accused priests to positions that put them in daily contact with young children

The Vatican has known about Arch Bishop Theodore E. McCarrick's raping seminarians since the turn of the century and they not only did nothing about it, they covered it up. The Vatican promises 'clarifications' on the claims of a coverup at the highest office in the romish church

In New York, the state’s attorney general issued subpoenas to all eight of the state’s Catholic dioceses seeking any and all documents pertaining to allegations of the Roman Catholic sexual free-for-all that has become the pastime of that Pope's fraternity

The Catholic Diocese of Little Rock has released a list of 12 clergy who served in Arkansas and have had credible allegations against them of sexually abusing minors. (All have been removed from the clergy, either by being laicized or by being croaked, or both)

After the Pennsylvania grand jury report detailed the sexual abuse of more than 1,000 children by hundreds of Roman Catholic priests, New York, New Jersey, Nebraska, New Mexico, Florida, Missouri and Illinois have launched their own investigations into the activities of the RCC

The Kentucky attorney general seeks permission to investigate state Roman Catholic dioceses for sex abuse

A new study reveals that there have been 3,677 sex abuse cases in German Catholic Church

Roman Catholics have blamed the recent pedophilia scandal on a secret conspiracy of gays to invade the church and molest children, with the intention of hurting the church’s reputation.

That pope person now claims that the act of exposing the sexual corruption in the Roman church (as outlined in Ephesians 5:11-12) is an act of Satan

That pope person has decided to leap into action and calls for an unprecedented meeting of top officials over sexual abuse Next February

You'd figure with all this uproar over Catholic priests on sexual rampages, a clue must have been gained at some level, but clearly Learning Has Not Occurred

Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Catholic holy water causes cholera outbreak in Ethiopia

The testing of your faith is precious to the Lord

Religion of Peace Update #1 - Muslim Fulani tribesmen are turning Nigeria a killing field, slaughtering Christians by the dozen all across Nigeria

China - The government is destroying crosses, burning bibles, shutting churches and ordering Christians to renounce their faith in Christ. Chinese Christians are forced to worship the Communist Party

China - Guangcai Church, Hui Xiaoying Church, Qiupo Church, and Jinglou Churches raided, Christians were imprisoned for Jesus

China - The Dao’en Church has been shut down by the government

China - The Chengdu House Church has been shut down by the government, displaced Christians are taking the Gospel right were the govenment wants it least - to the streets!

Nicaragua: Christians are being attacked, detained, and killed as ‘enemies of the regime’

Iran - an Iranian convert to Christianity serving 10 years in prison for “missionary activities,” tells Iranian officials that his imprisonment will further the gospel

Methodist "Minister" misuses John 10:10 to justify forcing Christians to pay for abortions. Seriously - who gave this person a seminary degree?

She may have gotten her degree from this person, Rebecca Todd Peters, who is using John 10:10 to justify slaughtering children for convenience sake

Christians, beware the cult of transhumanism

Man who claims to be a woman was arrested for raping women who really are women, and was incarcerated in a prison built for and housing women that are not men. What happened next took the utterly clueless judicial system by surprise, but you probably figured out what happened next...

Baptist pastor cuts up Nike gear during Sunday sermon and gets a standing ovation

The left shows that the thing they love the most is hate

Sexually transmitted disease and teenage pregnancy are exploding in the US, and the left addresses this by throwing gasoline on the fire

Three abortion rights groups have launched a program urging teenage girls to brag about the babies they killed

The Trump administration has reopened the asylum cases of dozens of Indonesian Christians who face the possibility of deportation

LGBTQXYZ group suggest that people who disagree with them are bigots and should be sent to death camps

Incoming president of Planned Parenthood just acquired the final Infinity Stone. How come only the Babylon Bee reported this?

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  1. The RCC continues to prove that they are not the Church Christ established, but they are an apostate, heretical, and deviant man-made organization.

    Methodists have long ago proven their apostate condition, so isn't a surprise that they abuse Scripture to support abortion.

    The LEFT have no feeling other than hate. They wouldn't know how to live otherwise.