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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

WWUTT Wednesday - Can a Catholic Be Saved?

Can a Roman Catholic be saved? Look at this crucifix carefully - This crucifix has a skull and crossbones on it, The skull and crossbones is said to represent the bones of Adam who was supposedly buried directly beneath the cross. It was told to me once that it symbolizes Jesus' victory of life over death (my response was "Wouldn't an empty tomb show that better?) Another explanation is that  Christ was crucified at Calvary. Calvary = Golgotha, and Galgotha = the place of the skull. 

According to ETWN the answer is the combination of all the above. Personally I believe the best answer is that there's no real answer. Symbology and iconoclasm is deeply rooted in the Catholic church, yet the meaning of these symbols changes over the centuries to reflect the popular viewpoint. The faith of their faithful is placed in gimgaws, trinkets, pomp, ceremonial babble, and gilt without end that the saving power of Jesus' sacrifice is ignored in favor of the man with a triple crown on his head who claims to represent a man who never had a place to lay his own head 

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  1. There are Roman Catholics who are saved in spite of the RCC. And as the narrator says, they eventually leave the RCC.