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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WWUTT Wednesday - Do You Have to Go to Church to Be a Christian?

Christian, you know whom I'm talking about when I mention "Easter Bunnies". I'm not talking about the guy on the left here, he should never be allowed in a Christian church. The Easter Bunnies  I'm talking about are those folks that only show up on Christmas and Easter.

I'm not sure why Easter Bunnies exist outside of the Roman Catholic church. In Protestant denominations there is no such thing as a "holy day of obligation" (a day on which a Roman Catholic is required to attend mass). The RCC grades on attendance, and their catechism clearly states there's no salvation outside of their church so they have to show up when attendance is mandatory. We don't have such rules in Protestantism, we just have the bible and the desire to be one with Christ. But nonetheless we still have Easter Bunnies. 

Why don't we see our brother and sister bunnies on the other 50 Sunday's of the year? When you see them on this Easter Sunday remind them that we love them, we miss them, and remind them of this:

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  1. The body of Christ, i.e. the Church, is NOT a building. The scripture merely says to not forsake meeting together. What if Christians who can't find a local assembly (i.e. church building) where the teaching is good and not full of emergent, market-driven, seeker-sensitive, apostate or even heretical teachings, are they wrong for not attending services at a building? How about when several meet together regularly for corporate worship and prayer, etc? You know, way they've had to do for centuries in places where they could be murdered if they weren't meeting in small groups?

    I really get tired of these sorts of videos/sermons etc because they attack not just people who are too lazy or too "busy" to attend a local assembly, but also those who are unable to do so for whatever reason. NO, you do NOT have to go to Church to be a Christian. Make that a requirement and you've added works for salvation.