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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Of Course Pulpit & Pen Was Wrong

Recently Pulpit & Pen ran an article titled You Can’t Observe the Lord’s Supper Over the Internet (and no, I will not do them the favor of linking to their article). Their reasoning goes like this: You can't observe the Lord's supper over the internet because you can't observe the lord's supper over the internet.

The article gives a great deal of information about the ceremony of communion and some of the history, and the article leaves the Christian feeling with that warm feeling of great superiority and smug arrogance over the unsaved, unwashed heathens who have communion less than once a week. Their article falls one sentence short of stating that without weekly communion and proper baptism, then salvation cannot occur. And as I said, their only reason why communion cannot occur on the internet, is because they said that it cannot occur on internet.

Their entire argument can be summed up in one word: "Luddites"

If the sacrament, ordinance, ceremony of communion cannot be changed, then we're ALL doing it wrong. We should be meeting in small groups, in caves or down by the river, no electric lights, all hymns sang acapella, all fabrics worn must be cotton or wool, no fabric developed in the last 2,020 years, and the bread must be made from fresh baked matzo and the wine must be an ancient variation of Mogan David.

Fortunately, some churches have different views of approaching the Throne of Grace, they are not willing to sacrifice their aged and ill by exposing them to the ravages of a virus that will certainly kill them. Nor do those churches exclude people like myself whose cardio/pulmonary systems are failing who refuse to commit suicide by gathering physically with others who may carry a killer virus just to make the News Division of Pulpit & Pen happy.

Churches like the one listed above use the Zoom app, so you can use your phone, laptop, or tablet to join your brother and sisters in sharing the word of God, of connecting with each other in love, and to celebrate communion without having that lead to a funeral. We do this electronically and safely because as often as we eat the bread and drink the cup, we are proclaiming the Lord’s death until He comes!

Join us tomorrow Brothers and Sisters!

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