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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Is the Church in the Hands of Anti-Christ Digital Media Giants?

Yeah, it's that bad.

That's the quick answer. There is a longer answer which goes like this:

No. The Church is in the hands of Christ Jesus.

There you go, crisis averted. God is in His heaven, His son who died for our sins defeated death and is our Lord and Savior.

What is in the hands of Anti-Christ digital media giants is not the Church, it's not the gospel, but the megaphone. It's not even a megaphone, it's the digital equivalent of a pair of soup cans with string in the middle. Reformation Charlotte has been worried about churches turning to digital streaming platforms in an effort to continue preaching and teaching their congregations. Some congregations have turned to Facebook, for the life of me I don't know why. Facebook is like Google who owns YouTube, their definition of "Hate Speech" is fluid and changes to target a particular organization that causes the panties of left wing hate groups like Vox to bunch.
The bottom line is that these media giants are not regulated by the FCC and are considered private organizations that can choose to allow the flow of whatever content the ivory-tower limp-wristed leftists deem to be appropriate. They are not required by law to respect free speech or religious rights. Right now, if these companies start facing pushback from left-wing activists to shut down churches who are preaching God’s word, they will not hesitate to do it, rest assured. (source)
Recently Google has removed the app for Christ Church where "controversial and outspoken pastor, Douglas Wilson preaches"... "while holding to a few odd theological positions in some areas" ... "and the far left hates him with a passion. Heck, moderates and even moderate rights hate him" And Reformation Charlotte was there with an "I told you so"

What was this person doing on Google? I would not stand next to him on a hilltop with him if there was a single cloud in the sky. Does this guy think he's Superman? What on earth would possibly give him the idea that Google isn't going to pull the rug out from under him because he's Douglas Wilson, Man O' God! People have been threatened with demonetization on YouTube for simply saying the word "COVID-19" Demonetization means that your income from your YouTube is removed because Google (who owns YouTube) hates you. Google doesn't care who you are unless you're part of their protected class, a liberal whiner.

This is a known fact: if you are a right wing organization, or even moderate right leaning, Google will change the rules without warning and kick you off their platform just to teach you a lesson. This is not an exaggeration, just ask Christian comedian Steven Crowder, Google demonetized his channel and never gave him an explanation. 

My question is not "Why are you on Google?" There are so many other streaming alternatives out there, and with your reputation if you didn't know that they'd be monitoring every word you said, then you are stunningly ignorant of Google. You could have hired a web developer and set up your own streaming service, but you didn't.

My question is: Why didn't you preach the gospel?

The gospel is this: Jesus Christ was born, lived a perfect life, was crucified, died, buried. He rose from the dead, was seen by over 500 people and then ascended into heaven.

When you're in "the belly of the beast" why not preach the purity and glory of our savior Jesus Christ? In Acts 8:35 Philip simply told the eunuch the good news about Jesus, no positioning, no sermonizing, no pointing out the man's sins, he simply told him the good news of our Lord and Savior and at the next stop for water, they performed a baptism.

Just Preach Jesus. If they have a problem with that, then you have something to complain about.


  1. Good stuff. Just a couple of notes (without trying to defend the man). Wilson's church's app was on the Google Play Store because most phones block you from downloading from unknown locations. Viruses, you know? He wasn't using Google for streaming; he was using it to distribute the app. The other point is it appears he got into trouble for preaching the gospel, telling listeners that the coronavirus is God's megaphone calling people to repent and turn to Christ.

    1. I kind of thought that's what was going on, I couldn't find details. You don't NEED the Google Play Store to distribute the app, just a streaming service and a set of instructions on how to allow your phone to load an app from a source other than the Play store. It's just one item in your phone's settings. I don't think that's possible on an iPhone, but I don't deal with iPhone's, they're toys.

      As for what he was saying - until recently just the word "Coronavirus" was enough to do it. Well established You(Google)Tube channels were threatened with demonetization just for using the word "Coronavirus" How do you do a story on a global pandemic without saying "Coronavirus? Daisy Cousens, an incredible conservative Australian commentator (and Irish dancer!) had to say something stupid - Beverage Bug - just to keep her income stream. I've seen FISHING channels talk about this.

      I'm not defending Google, they and other corporate entities such as CNN and CoNcast owe the American public a huge apology for their twisting and strangling the information we need to make educated decisions.