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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Maybe Beto Has a Good Idea

For a long time I've been warning the Christian community that Satan via the Left is out to destroy us. I'm sure that many Christians agree, but they don't realize how quickly it's coming. Daniel 9:26 tells us "And its end will come with a flood" Daniel is not talking about the situation we find ourselves currently in, but the imagery is the same.

Floods are inexorable, sometimes they start with a roar, but quite often they start with a trickle. That trickle gradually gains in force growing larger and larger until the waters become unstoppable. The same way the that the waters increase in volume before the flood starts to rage, the attacks on the church increase as the Christians are lulled into complicity. Many components of the visible church have moved so far away from the purity of God's word, that they no longer resemble Christianity, they're weekly self-help seminars with a rock band playing God flavored anthems. This leaves us wide open to Satan's attacks.

To my point along comes Texas democrat and Roman Catholic Robert Francis O'Rourke whose nickname "Beto" was engineered to make him appeal to Hispanic voters, but some folks also call him "Skater Bob" because of his odd attraction to skate boards. Mr. O'Rourke is currently floundering in the polls, so to make himself more appealing to the socialist far left he is attacking conservative values. Barack Hussein Obama once accused the conservative Right of clinging to our guns and bibles, and we have to because Beto is demanding to rip both away. I'll cover his anti firearm hysteria in another blog, as for religion - his plan is to bludgeon the visible church into submission. His grand plan: he would revoke tax-exempt status from religious organizations that oppose same-sex marriage.

At first thought this sounds outrageous, revoke the church's tax exempt status? This goes to the first amendment. The left has always had the constitutional stance on religion wrong, and Beto is a fine example of that. First of all, there is no "constitutional separation of church and state", that's just a buzz phrase for leftist news chewers. The first amendment of the Constitution of the United States clearly states
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof
The constitution does not state, nor does it even imply a separation between church and state, it says what it says. And it does not mention taxation of Churches, but if all churches were taxed equally, fine - so be it. There should be no problem at all. In fact Christian churches should have no problem paying taxes what so ever:
Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor (Romans 13:7)
However what the left gets totally wrong isn't that the first amendment is to protect the Government from the influences of religion, it is to protect religion from the influences of the Government. And that's what Beto's plan is - to bludgeon religion into following the Government's dictate. He doesn't even want it to look like fairness: follow my rules Or Else! It's kind of like what is going on in China where churches are required to preach what the government wants them to preach, otherwise they're closed, doors chained shut, and the pastor is hauled off to the gulag.

I thought about this and at first thought how awful of an idea this is, he's just pandering to the rapidly growing Stalinist wing of the Democrat party. Then I thought some more, and realized that in the future I may move to a new location and have to do some church shopping. How easy it would be to see a church with a sign out front that simply states
We Pay Our Taxes
You would immediately know that this was a bible based church, not bending to the sin centered whims of popular culture and Satan's sexual dictates. While The Who tunes up their guitars preparing to play for the service in the "Christian" country club across the street in their palatial mansion with putting green manicured lawns, valet parking, three competing baristas in the foyer, I'll be over here in the drafty little white frame building with wooden pews, squeaky ceiling fans, and the Word Of God worshiping and praising God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We won't have to parse web pages to determine what a church believes, when a simple statement "We Pay Our Taxes" says it all for us. Yes, we won't have much money after it is taken from us, but the work of separating the wheat from the weed will be done by the IRS in preparation for Christ's return.

Now, if only Elisabeth Warren would double down with a surtax on churches that preach and follow First Timothy, I just might vote socialist next year!

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