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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

It's Not Over

It is with some joy but also with deep sadness that I now no longer feel compelled to wear orange on Sunday. Many of us wear orange to show solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters in the middle east who were undergoing tribulation at the hands of ISIS. 

My joy is with the news that the head of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the most vicious terrorist on the planet, was killed in Syria by his own hand to avoid capture by US forces. Also his second in command, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, was killed in Aleppo province in a separate attack by U.S. forces. The next in line, Al-Haj Abdullah Qardash AKA "The Professor" and "The Destroyer" is rumored to have been "inhumed" (the opposite if exhumed) by US forces also.

Thus ends ISIS as a global force of terror. Their Iraqi stronghold, Mosul, was recaptured by Iraqi forces to end the ISIS caliphate back in 2007. (This victory was completely ignored by the US press in order not to shine any positive light on the Trump administration.) In the end ISIS was under attack by the Kurdistan Workers' Party or PKK, another terrorist organization, this one based on Sanders style communism rather than Islamic inhumanity. 

Not only would ISIS execute Christians publicly like the martyrs above, Yasidi men would be lined up in open mass graves and shot, just as the Nazis treated Jews, or as Stalin treated anyone. The worst of Islamic perversion was saved for the Yasidi and Christian women they captured. Here’s an account in The Beekeeper of Sinjar of a Yazidi woman who was captured, sold at a slave market, and bought by an ISIS fighter in 2014:
Oh, Muslim, come, there’s a virgin in heaven. That’s the beginning of the song that Abu Nasir sang for me every night before he raped me. He would take some drugs and get high to that song. One time I asked him what the song meant, “You’re a Yazidi infidel. It’s not your fault, you were born like that. When you die, you’ll become a houri to entertain us, we Muslims,” he replied. “Doesn’t that mean you have to wait until we die to do what you’re doing to us, since we are still alive?” I asked. “I bought you, making you my property. This marriage duty is part of the jihad,” he said. Of course, I couldn’t speak my mind freely with him. The main motivation for these Daesh men was sexual: they would kill anyone in order to rape women. In the end they would kill themselves to meet their houris in heaven. (emphasis mine) source
 The crimes that they committed were so horrific, so vile, that the mind reels that such horror was so lightly opposed. Yes, there was armed forces hunting down ISIS, but not the intense mobilization these animals deserved. So is it wrong to take joy in the deaths of such evil, vile perverts? Were they twisting what the Koran taught or were they doing what they said over and over - following the word of the prophet?

The Christian church in Iraq is nearly extinct. Once there were 1.5 million Christians worshiping God in Iraq and now there are barely 250,000 - a loss of 83%. 125,000 escaped to other lands, the rest 1,225,000 were either killed or forced to convert at the point of a sword. Now it's reported that Christian persecution in the middle east is down, probably due to nearly 90% of Christians being slaughtered there in the cradle of Christianity, and that Asia is now the hot spot for our tribulation.

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