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Friday, December 8, 2017

Resistance is Futile

The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 is a public law of the United States. It was passed by the 104th Congress on October 23, 1995  it passed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 374 to 37 and in the Senate it passed with a vote of 93 to 5. 

It was passed for the purposes of initiating and funding the relocation of the Embassy of the United States in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, no later than May 31, 1999. However the president at the time, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton III, took time out from doing what his party does best, and demanded an 'out' in the bill so he didn't have to attempt any actual diplomacy and could allow the farce that was/still is the Middle East "Peace" talks to meander on with no actual end in sight other than the destruction of Israel. 

Fast forward 22 years: President Donald Trump, who succeeded the most anti-Semitic president that the United States has ever produced, enacted the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. The press went crazy, I believe because it wasn't their decision to move the embassy. Anyhow, one of my favorite authors, Andrew Klavan, summed it up quite nicely: 
Journalists, Muslims, European leaders, and other anti-semites are warning that Donald Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel will end the peace process in the Middle East. They also say it will cause the Titanic to sink, and keep Pinocchio from becoming a real boy. Leaders of the PLO are saying that if Trump goes forward with the move they will unleash a decades long campaign of murder and terrorist warfare against the Jewish state, which threatens to interrupt the decades long campaign of murder and terrorist warfare against the Jewish state that they’re currently waging, sewing confusion and frustration among Palestinian terrorists throughout the region.
We wouldn’t want that
Other Arab leaders are also disgruntled about the move saying that it could cause their regimes to become oppressive and backward dictatorships where women have no rights and the general public is smothered under violent medieval religiosity, while a small number of fat sheiks reap the benefits of billions in petrodollars. As opposed to the sun shiny utopias they are today.
All in all experts, journalists and other knuckleheads agree; a president who would declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel has lost touch with reality, which is that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel… but you’re not allowed to say so… because Muslims will kill you. Trigger warning: This is the Andrew Klavan show 

All of this is an introduction to the real message of this post: Andrew Klavan. Andrew is a Jew who converted to Christianity. His testimony is here, please take the 14 minutes to listen, it's incredible. If you found Jesus at a early age, if He came in to your life before this world began to beat you down you may not truly understand the absolute joy Andrew felt. However those of us who were saved while drowning remember that joy fondly. The part where Andrew mentions that everything became clear is true. Coming to know God through Jesus is like putting on a new pair of glasses. Everything become so clear!

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