Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Random Bits

"I walk through this sinful world as a pilgrim in a foreign country" - CH Spurgeon
RANT WARNING: I am so tired of people who call themselves Christians who decide that politics is the be-all end-all of their Christian lives. Are these people simply caring people, misinformed people, or stooges for political movements? Take Jason Webb, pastor at the Elmbrook megachurch, who is one of those people who claim to be Christian. A Christian is set apart (1 Peter 2:9), is not of this world (John 17:16, John 15:19),  is different from this world (Romans 12:1-2, James 4:4, 1 John 2:15-17)  but is required to comply with this world's leaders (Romans 13:1-7, Romans 12:8, 1Timothy 2:2, Titus 3:1) So you'd figure that a Christian in a position of eldership would say "Here's the law, it doesn't violate the bible, what do we do to make it better?

Mr. Webb and his cohorts have chosen to do what they can to usurp the law of the land and are counting on the ignorance of their followers to succeed in their plans. And by ignorance I mean ignorance of civics, history, and the bible. Civics: The temporary ban on immigration from a small number of countries is legal, whereas the overturning of that ban by the 9th Circus Court of Appeals (yes, I said it: CIRCUS) was not legal. The bible: there's NOTHING in the bible about enacting immigration law. If you want to use Matthew 25 as your guide, go ahead and be kind to strangers, and if they end up in jail because they broke the law, by all means visit them, witness to them, share the word with them. As for history, historical ignorance is the leftists greatest weapon. Webb hyperventilates: "Jesus, who fled as a baby with Joseph and Mary into Egypt to escape the wrath of King Herod, was also a refugee" Well, yeah. so what? Israel was a Roman state. Egypt was a Roman state. It was the legal, moral, and physical equivalent of fleeing from Ohio to Indiana. And when their reason for fleeing ended, THEY WENT BACK. When my job in New York dried up I fled to Colorado - is Jason Webb weeping and gnashing his teeth for me too? Of course not, I didn't break any law. Enough with this nonsense, let's look at the rest of the world

Christian - are you shocked that Donald Trump retained Randy Berry as the State Departments special envoy to homosexuals? Why? Donald Trump has always been pro homosexual, in fact he was the most pro homosexual candidate in the entire 2016 race. Stop the political idolatry, Trump is not your messiah, Jesus is.

Speaking of political idolitry. The scary part of this article is that the voice of reason comes from Tony Compolo

Remember Saeed Abedini - the US minister that was held in an Iranian jail for 3 years? He's back in jail

Religion of Peace Update #1 - Armed Daesh cowards killed a Coptic Christian teacher on his way to school

Religion of Peace Update #2 - Muslim monsters kidnapped the daughter of a christian missionary, tried to force her to deny Jesus. When she refused they mutilated her genitals and left her bleeding and screaming in agony. Pray for Lydia who is now in a coma

Religion of Peace Update #3 - Daesh terrorists captured 15 civilians, three families, covered them in tar, and set them on fire

Religion of Peace Update #4 - Three Christian converts have been sentenced to 80 lashes for the crime of taking communion

When your time comes, will you stand for Christ to your last breath like Bartu Urawn did?

Also in India - the Christian group Compassion International is being forced to leave India leaving 147,000 children without aid

You know in the bible where Jesus says marriage is between a man and a woman? (Matthew 19:4-6) The church of England has decided that Jesus was wrong

Christian women: Would you rather hear a discussion of a part of your body talked about in church instead of Christ? Then head over to  Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ Plymouth NH. you'll wish the letter V was never invented (along with the UCC)

Blasphemy Warning: Tantric Jesus: The Erotic Heart of Early Christianity just came out. The author claims the original Christian spirituality as practiced in the early church and by Jesus himself was a tantric spirituality. Tantra is a Hindu or Buddhist mystical/ritual text going back to the 6th to the 13th centuries. It includes mantras, meditation, yoga, pagan ritual and sex. How can the early church practice tantric spirituality if it predates tantra by a thousands years? This is little more than a satanic attack on Christianity by trying to inject pagan ritual as a wedge between us and Jesus. As Lynn Lusby Pratt asks: What's next - temple prostitutes?

Charisma Magazine - pagan nonsense sprinkled with NAR madness. Check out the kow towing to the drug culture Age of Aquarius pagan beliefs

More NAR madness. People actually take this seriously...

With all these churches running around, claiming that their way is the highway, ignoring biblical teachings and letting false teaching and false teachers run rampant, we need a public declaration of policy and aims, a Manifesto of Christian Discernment 

This story is exceptionally wonderful if you keep in mind that Japan is an extremely pagan country, if they worship anything, they worship ghosts (shinto)

Local woman searches the bible for her favorite Scripture—the much-beloved ‘Footprints In The Sand’ poem. it's got to be true, I saw it on the internet


  1. Well, at least I can offer hope for the woman searching for the "Footprints in the Sand" scripture. It's right there in Hezekiah 3. Look it up.

    1. Good find! I entirely missed that. My favorite verse from that book is
      Hezekiah 3:9: “It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.”

  2. Good rant; my sentiments exactly. These LEFTISTs love to mangle the Scripture to promote their social gospel, teaching people to violate the law in abject disregard for the law of God which says we are to OBEY the laws of the land.

    I've always wondered why we need a special envoy to homosexuals; where do we find the country of homosexual?

    Muslims doing what Muslims do --no surprise.

    The Anglican Church and their American counterpart Episcopal Church long been apostate, and have long sanctioned same-sex fake marriage and homosexuality, so no surprise there.

    So much of the Church is focused on sex, and so many of the modern pastors---correction, goat-herds have sex-sermons and we wonder why Christians aren't a whole lot different from their pagan counterparts when it comes to obsession with sex.

  3. What a troubled world we live in...

    1. Oddly I find comfort in the fact that it's happening just as we were told.