Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Random Bits

"I walk through this sinful world as a pilgrim in a foreign country" - CH Spurgeon

It's been very busy at work so far this year and it has been very difficult for me to sit down at my blog and write something meaningful, so today I'll stick with stuff that's meaningless.  In other words mostly the Charismatics and the NAR. It's an easy thing to do, because they write themselves into my blog. I want to do meaningful subjects such as what I learned in my study of Hebrews and things like Jesus desire for peace among his followers.

Actually with my back issues when it comes to sitting down and writing something meaningful it's difficult for me to sit down at all, and with my other issues it's difficult to do much of anything once I stand up. But I see these issues as God reminding me that I am to lean on HIM and not myself. However He did send me some comfort in the guise of one of the new elders at our church. This elder whom I'll call Dick (mostly because that's his name) invited me to come along with him to 'play trains'. I've been a model railroader all of my life to at level or another but it's been years since I've been able to inspect my waybills, "whistle off", bunch up the slack, and do all the things a 1/87 (HO) scale hogger does on a Saturday afternoon. Wow - what an afternoon it was at the Colorado Model Railroad Museum! At a scale 20 mph it took us a full 2 hours to move our 50 car consist from one end of the scale pike to the other, the layout is just that huge. If you're a Christian man looking for a hobby, I heartily suggest model railroading. I better stop here before this becomes a Model Railroad blog

Is it blasphemy? Is it heresy? Some say neither, some say both, I say it's a living example of 2 Timothy 3:6-7. Edie Bayer wrote an article chock full of nonsense of breath taking proportions, telling us that Jesus Said, "You Need to Have Some Fun!" Honestly, if there's a punch line to the whole thing it's in the introduction where Steve Shultz (Founder and Publisher The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News) took this unbiblical blathering seriously. I mean come on - she claims this of Hollywood, Satan's greatest tool on earth: "the foothold that we have in Hollywood will increase exponentially in the next short while. Right now it may even look like a toehold, but will become a bona-fide stance, a Christian movement!" Clearly she hasn't seen anything that's come out of Hollywood in the past 45 years. The problem with the NAR and the Charismatics is that they claim that things are going to get so much better. They speak of "Great Outpourings" and massive "Revivals". I have a reading assignment for them. Thank you Amy for finding this nugget of... entertainment.

What do you get when you cross a fired alcoholic seeker sensitive poor exegete business man with a a Word of Faith heretic who has thousands of followers and millions of dollars? There's no punchline, this is a legitimate question

I mentioned that Dick was one of our elders, we actually have three. What a blessing! a small church of under 150 members and we have been blessed by the Holy Spirit with three elders fully qualified to be pastor, which is a redundant statement. If you don't know why it's redundant, check this out

Gaystapo Update: A preacher was locked up for answering a question from a homosexual teenager

Yes, He will cost you everything, but what He promises is so much more than your worldly stuff

This can only be described as the wolf warning the sheep about coyotes. Like I told you, these folks simply write themselves into my blog.

Speaking of wolves, a series of wolves, false teachers, and heretics gathered in a pack to denounce President Trump's travel ban. These member of the "Christian" left chose to ignore two very important things when they did this:
1. This is a legal travel ban deemed legal by the US Constitution and required by the Immigration and Naturalization act of 1952
2. Romans 13:1-7

Speaking of these members of the "Christian" left, I recently heard a very descriptive label for their cherry picking form of religion: Selective Christianity. They selectively use Jesus when he supports their personal political cause. They also forget that God imposes travel bans too

The Charismatics continue to write themselves into this blog. WARNING: This video may be harmful to your monitor. You may bash your forehead into it. Instead of wrecking your forehead, your monitor, and your soul; pray for the poor souls who fall for this blather.

Again, the Charismatics are tripping over each other in their haste to write themselves into this blog. Elisabeth Prata at The End Time shows us how Satan uses them as his own (pardon the cold war expression) useful idiots

Talk someone into slaughtering their baby and Get A Free Pizza and some Paid Time Off! Dear Lord, Father in heaven, please touch the hearts of these people and convince them of their hurtful ways

Like many other people I too was torn about Betsy DeVos' nomination to Secretary of Education. Personally I don't care that she's not an educator, you don't have to be certified by the US Coast Guard as a sea Captain  to know that the ship is sinking. But she's an admitted dominionist and that doesn't make me happy. (I'm also a strict constructionist, and the Federal Government has no constitutional mandate to do anything with Education)

This is exciting - a 12th Dead Sea Scroll cave has been discovered

A Christian has been jailed for refusing to deny his faith. And there's much more, they're demanding he participate in pagan rituals and more, but it's not the Religion of Peace that's persecuting this Christian but the Roman Catholic Church.

Religion of Peace Update- Canada is planning to become the first Islamic country in the western Hemisphere

Lifeway removes bibles from the shelf due to the “graphic nature” of some of the Bible’s sexually descriptive and grisly passages. It's got to be true, I saw it on the internet

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  1. We read a lot of the same stuff!

    Elijah list are a bunch of kooks, which we've know for a long time.

    That Charisma mag article had me laughing when I saw it this week. Pot, meet kettle.

    De Vos is probably the best for the position, regardless of her religious ideology. What we need to work for now is to get rid of her cabinet.