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Monday, August 1, 2016

Emergent Monday - The NAR’s Infallible Prophet Rick Joyner (and the New Breed)

The controversial New Breed doctrine goes under many 
different names, although it is often called ‘Manifest Sons 
of God’ theology by discernment ministries in the 1980s.
This was posted on May 24, 2016 at Churchwatch Central, and I'm sure you'll agree with me that it is an excellent expose of narcissistic psudotheology gone wild. All emphasis is from the author, minor corrections in spelling and grammar have been made because I'm an English major with OCD.

The problem with cults is that it is hard to convince people that they actually teach really bizarre or far-fetched doctrines. It’s hard to reconcile that they push such illogical concepts on people contrary to human reason or biblical truths.


One such cult is the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) who believe they will raise raise up a generation known as the New Breed. This New Breed doctrine teaches that a generation of Christians will become “divine” or “God in human flesh” and will manifest Christ here on earth with powerful signs, wonders and judgments to cleanse the church and the world of all sin so Christ can return.


The reason why it is important to familiarize yourself with this teaching is because it is EVERYWHERE. You will see this theology emerge again and again in NAR revivals or in their attempt to promote conferences. You can detect it behind the theology of very popular movements that try to hide their theological ties to the NAR:
  1. You see this in Lakewood Church (their worship label is ‘New Breed’).
  2. Hillsong’s Bobbie Houston believes her sisterhood will raise up a generation that will usher in Christ’s return.
  3. Lou Engle and Bethel Church were no exception to New Breed hysteria in their latest Azusa Now revival attempt in 2016. Lou Engle Responded to ‘The Call’ in his attempt to summon the New Breed (Engle calls them the ‘Jesus Movement’ and the Sons of Thunder) to be made manifest at this event.
There are sermons, books and sessions teaching this subject by popular NAR teachers such such as Paul Caine, Bob Jones, Todd Bentley, Patricia King, Matt Sorger, Lou Engle and so on. One person particular who really popularized this notion was NAR “Prophet” Rick Joyner. 
Don’t question the prophet and his 
holy books. His armies are great.


Rick Joyner claims he got a series of visions from God and thus wrote two books titled “The Final Quest” and “The Call”.

In the “Final Quest”, Joyner claims “There are many levels of prophetic revelation” (pg. 9):
The beginning levels include prophetic "impressions…
The next level of revelation is a conscious sense of the presence of the Lord, or the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which gives special illumination to our minds. This often comes when I am writing, or speaking, and it gives me much greater confidence in the importance or accuracy of what I am saying.
I believe that this was probably experienced by the apostles as they wrote the New Testament epistles. This will give us great confidence, but it is still a level where we can still be influenced by our prejudices, doctrines, etc. This is why I believe, in certain matters, Paul would say that he was giving his opinion, but that he thought he had [the agreement of] the Spirit of the Lord. …”
Source: Rick Joyner, The Final Quest, pg 9, 10.
So according to Rick Joyner, the bible is not infallible. Why? Because there are higher levels of revelation:
"Open visions" occur on a higher level than impressions; they tend to give us more clarity than we may have even when we feel the conscious presence of the Lord, or the anointing…
Another higher level prophetic experience is a trance, such as Peter had when he was first instructed to go to the house of Cornelius and preach the gospel to the Gentiles for the first time, and such as Paul had when he prayed in the temple in Acts 22.”
Source: Rick Joyner, The Final Quest, pg 9.
So who does Rick Joyner claim can operate from a higher authority than the bible? He does.
“The visions contained in this book all began with a dream. Some of it came under a very intense sense of the presence of the Lord, but the overwhelming majority was received in some level of a trance.” – Rick Joyner, The Final Quest, pg 9.
This is why Rick Joyner’s material influenced Christians all over the world and why many Christians treat him as an infallible prophet. If you criticize him, you are the one who is not the Christian and you are the one who is in the “devils army”.

It’s this type of divine exaltation that really needs to make us question what Joyner is pushing in his material. Remember – the ‘Final Quest’ and ‘The Call’ are a series: you cannot separate one work from the other. Thus, according to Joyner, both works are infallible and greater than scripture.


You may not pick up on the New Breed doctrine in the segment below immediately. To get a clear teaching on the New Breed elite and the end-times NARmy and their involvement in the war against the Christian church, please visit this link and listen to Chris Rosebrough walk you through this bizarre teaching:

Exposing the New Apostolic Reformation’s false eschatology & false glory

It’s important in their end-time NARschatology that the NAR DEMANDS unity at all cost in the church. This unity plays a pivotal in their end-times church NARmy which supposedly triggers the rise of the New Breed Manifest Sons of God warriors to rise up and bring God’s judgment against the false church and the world. You will notice this in the audio/writing below and you will also notice Joyner’s heretical Dominion theology and gospel.

In these links, you can read segments from Rick Joyner’s book ‘The Call’ or download an audio book for free and listen at the appropriate time stamps to read along with what you are hearing. (Emphasis below added.)

AUDIO – Rick Joyner: Audio-book – The Call:

Roughly 7 Minutes Long

(download the pdf for free here)

[1:06:30-1:13:04] | pg 72-75 [Abel talking to Joyner first]
A great unity will come to the Lord‟s people who dwell on the earth. This will take place when His judgments come upon the earth. Those who are in unity will not only endure His judgments, but they will prosper because of them. By this He will use His people to warn the earth. After the warnings, He will then use His people as a sign. Because of the discord and conflict that arise in the darkness, the unity of His people will be a sign that the whole earth will see. His disciples will be known by their love, and love does not fear. Only true love can bring true unity. Those who love will never fall. True love does not grow cold, but true love does grow.”
Another man who looked almost exactly like Abel came and stood beside him.
“I am Adam,” he said. “I was given authority over the earth, but I gave it to the evil one
by obeying evil. He now rules in my place and your place. The earth was given to man, but the evil one has taken it. The authority I lost was restored by the cross. Jesus Christ is “the last Adam,” and He will soon take His authority and rule. He will rule through mankind because He gave the earth to mankind. Those who live in your times will prepare the earth for Him to rule.”
“Please tell me more,” I asked, a little surprised to see Adam, but wanting to hear everything he had to say. “How do we prepare for Him?”
Love,” he said. “You must love one another. You must love the earth, and you must love life. My sin released the death that now flows as rivers upon the earth. Your love will release rivers of life. When evil reigns, death is  stronger than life, and death prevails over life. When righteousness reigns, life prevails, and life is stronger than death. Soon the life of the Son of God will swallow up the death that was released through my disobedience. It is not just living that you must love, but life. Death is your enemy. You are called to be a messenger of life.
“When the Lord‟s people begin to love, He will use them to release His judgments. His judgments are to be desired. The whole world is groaning and travailing as it waits for His judgments, and when they come, the world will learn righteousness. What He is about to do, He will do through His people, and His people will stand as Elijah in the last days. Their words will shut up the heavens or bring rain; they will prophesy earthquakes and famines, and they will come to pass; they will stop famines and earthquakes.
“When they release armies in the heavens, armies will march on the earth. When they hold back armies, there will be peace. They will decide where He shows mercy and where He shows His wrath. They will have this authority because they will love, and those who love will be one with Him. What you will see through that door is to help prepare you for what He is about to do through His people.
“I know authority. I also know the responsibility of authority. Because of the great authority that I was given, I am responsible for what has happened to the earth. Even so, the grace of God began to cover me, and God‟s great redemption will soon swallow up my mistake. Peace will be taken from the earth, but you are called to help restore it. Peace prevails in heaven, and you are called to bring heaven to earth. Those who abide in His presence will know peace and will spread peace.
“The earth itself will shake and tremble. Times of trouble greater than have ever been known will begin to move across the earth like great waves of the sea. Even so, those who know Him will not be troubled. They will stand before the raging of the seas and say, “Peace, be still‟ and the seas will be calm. Even the least of His little ones will be like a great fortress of peace that will stand through all that is coming. His glory will be revealed to His people first and then through them. Even the creation will recognize Him in His people and will obey them as it does Him. “This is the authority that I had, and it will be given to mankind again. I used my authority to turn Paradise into a wilderness. The Lord will use His authority to turn the wilderness into Paradise again. This is the authority that He is giving to His people. I used mine wrongly and death came. When His authority is used in righteousness, it will release life. Be careful how you use authority. With authority comes responsibility. You, too, can use it wrongly, but you will not do this if you love. As all of heaven knows, “Love never fails.”
“What about the earthquakes, famines and even wars that you said we would release on the earth? Won‟t this be releasing death?” I asked.
“All the death that is coming upon the world is being allowed to prepare the way for life. Everything that is sown must be reaped, unless those who have sown evil call upon the cross in Spirit and truth. The army of the cross is about to be released, and it will march in the power of the cross, carrying the offer of mercy to all. Those who reject the mercy of God have rejected life.”
Roughly 3 minutes
[1:17:53-1:20:10] | pg 78-80 First Adam speaking
“Satan has boasted since the cross that Jesus could redeem men but could not change them. During the times of the greatest darkness and evil that are about to come, His people will stand as a testimony for all time that He not only redeemed His people from sin, but He also removed sin from them. Through them, He will remove sin from the whole earth. He will now display to the whole creation the power of His new creation. He did not come just to forgive sin, but to save mankind from sin, and He is returning for a people who are without stain from the world. This will come to pass in the most difficult of times. “I was created to love the Lord and to love the earth, as were all people. I have loathed the sight of the world‟s rivers becoming sewers. Even more have I loathed the sight of what has happened to the human mind. The philosophies of the human mind now filling the streams of human thought are as loathsome as the sewage filling the rivers. But the rivers of human thought will one day be pure again, just as the rivers of the earth. By this, for all time to come, it will be proven that good is stronger than evil.
“The Lord did not go to the cross just to redeem, but also to restore. He walked the earth as a man to show mankind how to live. He will now reveal Himself through His chosen ones to show them who they were created to be. This demonstration will not just come through power, but through love. He will give you power because He is all powerful, and power is also a revelation of Him. Even so, He uses His power because of love and so must you. Even His judgments come because of love. When you send them forth, it must be because of love. Even His final judgment of the earth will be His final mercy.”
There is some seriously anti-biblical untruths being vomited forth here, It's been very busy here but with some nudging from the Holy Spirit and some effort I'll have commentary on these and other writings by our favorite false prophet, Rick "Pantherman" Joyner 


  1. I'm in near tears and I am angry! How dare this man appeal to people's egos and tell them that they can manipulate God as if He were their puppet on a string! Oh! this is the group to join if you like your ego stroked and having authority over your circumstances, i.e., God's sovereign will for your life which very well may mean fearsome trials.
    I've known of this NAR and Joel's Army for many years but never have I read anything by Joyner to this extent. On the one hand, it blows my mind that there are those who fall for this bunk but, on the other hand, I have fallen for similar bunk and it was when I was a new Christian. New Christians will fall for this but it will take the mature in Christ to help their brethren to know of the falsity of these supposed Christian teachings. Praise be to God for His Holy Spirit will open the eyes of His elect and they will heed His admonition to "Come out from among them."

    May God bless you, Mr. Evans, in all that you do for His Kingdom, by His power and for His glory, amen!
    (yes, just had a thought: this Joyner is all about man's glory and not God's, and all about man's kingdom, and not God's...)

    1. Thank you Sherry, but I do nothing on my own. If you follow the Christian blogs you will notice that occasionally we tend to write about the same subject completely independently. I don't have a lot of time to read my fellow bloggers work and I've always been amazed at how the Holy Spirit will inspire us to write about the same thing at the same time.

      I didn't write this, but I was moved to re-post this. After I said what I had to say about Rick Joyner's blasphemy of claiming that God sent him a prophesy that the Carolina Panthers would win the Super Bowl, I was done. It really bothered me that he claimed that God's grace was contingent on Denver's loss. I wanted to back away from him, but here I am again. and there's more coming.

      I've always said that I get inspiration from bad teachers, and Mr. Joyner really, really inspires me. I pray that one person will read this blog and be inspired to pick up the bible and let the Holy Spirit guide them away from this Satanic nightmare.

  2. Thanks for posting this Doug; I'll be linking to it with my next "RAAH" post. Great find!