Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Random Bits

"I walk through this sinful world as a 
pilgrim in a foreign country" - CH Spurgeon
This Sunday is going to be an interesting day, it's Pastor Paratus' birthday and I'm sure there's something afoot among the congregation. This bunch is always up to something. Oh yeah, there's a football game on afterwards too. Living in Denver it's hard to miss that. Many of my former co-workers ended up in Charlotte so I will be available to comfort them on Monday. To be honest, many of my former co-workers are here in Denver as well, and like those in Charlotte are all Buffalo Bills fans first and foremost, so we're more prepared for loss than victory.

We received about a foot of snow on Monday and Tuesday, and being stubborn I put my oxygen tank in a back pack and went out and cleared the driveway. I used a snow blower but it was still a strain and I felt it through out my entire body for the next few days. But I'm grateful that God gave me the chance to do that, it's been decades since I had the chance to spend a few hours behind a snarling red snow eating monster. This was something I spent my youth doing, clearing my fathers driveway and our elderly neighbors drives. Considering my health it was a pretty stupid thing to do, but considering the time I got to thank God for seeing me through this was priceless.

A new NBC "comedy" suggests that Jesus was gay. Here's the link for feedback to NBC.

Who is the greatest danger to blacks in America? The "Christian" Left, naturally

They may be slow, but science is catching up to the bible

Eighteen "Don'ts" for discerning Christians

Believe it or not, this is big news. Even bigger news than Mr. Pope acting in a feature film. The big news is that Mr. Pope is meeting with Patriarch Kyril the head of the Russian Orthodox Church next Friday in Cuba. This has never happened before. The article says that the Eastern Orthodox and Western factions of Christianity broke apart during the Great Schism in 1054 but the breakup started long before that. Keep in mind that the city of Rome stopped being the capitol of anything around 286 AD (the capital moved to Milan and Nicomedia in that year) and the pope was merely the head bishop in a rundown slum from then on. Disagreements between the two churches range from Papal infallibility to the definition of the word "catholic" and nearly everything in between.

Members of a satanic temple are scheduled to give the opening “prayer” at a meeting of the Phoenix City Council next month

Couple claim that their daughter was forced to convert to Islam in a public high school

This is the Culture of Death that we live in

Religion of Peace Update #1 - The once proud United States Military is now just a shill for Obama's rhetoric

Religion of Peace Update #2 - Pakistani police torture and kill a Christian man based on a false crime report.

Religion of Peace Update #3 - Three Egyptian Christian teens and their teacher (also a Christian) are being charged with blasphemy and are forced to hide

Religion of Peace Update #4 - Why Obama won't call the Islamic slaughter of Christians "genocide"? It's a legal thing.

Heretic Rick Joyner has 'prophesied' that the Carolina Panthers will win the Super Bowl and that will cause the Third Great Awakening to occur. This article claims that Rick Joyner is a "wingnut" but there's no evidence he was ever a member of the USAF so we can discount that. His strange message also calls several questions to mind: 1. Does God allow the gift of prophesy to be used to pick football games? 2. Would the fact that Rick lives in Charlotte NC have anything to do with his fanaticism prophesy? 3. When the Panthers lose does this mean that my son who "prophesied" a Broncos victory is more of a man of God than Rick Joyner?

New Hampshire legislators vote down two bills that would protect unborn children. Did I mention that the people of New Hampshire rejects God more than any other state in the union?

Honestly, it isn't news that a 1,700 year old church was damaged in fighting between Turks and Kurds, they've been fighting for nearly that long. But think about it - that church was built nearly a lifetime before the council of Nicea. It's older than the bible.

Mr. Obama rewrites the Koran, missed the point of Christian denominations, and portrays you as subjects rather than citizens. So what's new.

The pastor of China's largest Christian church has been jailed for protesting the removal of 1,500 crosses


  1. Great collection again. Mr Obama is an Islamophile as a hater of Jews and Christians. He just may as well accept the Muslim faith.

  2. Doug, the item about the couple with a daughter at La Plata High School in Maryland is disturbing. The father was banned from the school for complaining. The comments at the article you cited are also telling. So many see Christians as being the problem for not going along with the agenda.