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Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Heart Felt Thank You

This isn't them, but you get the idea
Several months ago I was diagnosed with several medical conditions which often happens under the well known medical phenomenon WIRIP (When It Rains It Pours). As a result I had to be put on blood thinners. Anyone who has had to take Warfarin or Cumadin knows that your blood "viscosity" needs to be checked on a regular basis, and the best folks to see to insure that it's done correctly are the nurses at the anticoagulation clinic at National Jewish Health.

I feel sorry for them, I really do, because many people on these drugs don't want to be on them. They don't like having to come in weekly and have blood drawn, they don't like having the level of cumadin or warfarin changed constantly, they don't like the fact that changes in diet or medication may mean changes in their blood. It's kind of annoying and they tend to take it out on these nurses. More than once I've seen these professionals nearly in tears because of the treatment they received from the grouch ahead of me.

So no matter how annoying it was to drive through downtown Denver to get there (and it's REAL annoying to drive through downtown Denver) I always tried to lighten their day with a smile, a story or two, baby pictures of my granddaughter, a little gospel, and a heart felt thank you. When a new nurse joined the team and was on OJT (On the Job Training) she was nervous and had a tough time taking the blood for which she profusely apologized. I told her "I've been where you're at numerous times. If you need to you can practice on me all you want, I don't mind and I won't bite your head off." She didn't take me up on the offer but it calmed her nerves.

So, since my last round of medical entanglement I was taken off the warfarin for another type of blood thinner and I no longer have to get my blood tested by the anticoagulation clinic. I still went there on my last scheduled appointment to discuss the new therapy and to thank them profusely for all the care I've received over the months. Our goodbys were sad, because I learned that they looked forward to my visits, and all I did was treat them as Jesus would have us treat everyone. I still have to visit National Jewish Health regularly and I still have a lot of baby pictures so I will stop in and see Vicki, Lauren, and Holly on occasion, and thank them again for their professionalism and smiles and I will praise the Lord for leading me to such caring medical professionals.

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