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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Basing Dogma on a Lie

Here's a problem that should have most popefans heads spinning - what is going to happen when Mr. Pope bases his New World Order on a bald faced lie?

According to Catholic Online, Mr. Pope plans to publish an encyclical on the horrors of Global Warming. An Encyclical is a letter written by the pope on whatever is important to the self proclaimed governor of the world. The encyclical is second in importance only to the highest ranking document used by popes, the Apostolic Constitution. Since this communication comes from the pope, the contests are officially Catholic doctrine upon its publication, regardless if he's announcing a new inquisition or making public his grocery list.

Mr. Pope is fired up on Global Warming. so fired up he plans to make the battle Catholic Doctrine. On December 11, 2014 Mr. Pope in a message to the UN Convention on Climate Change said the following:
The effective struggle against global warming will only be possible with a responsible collective answer, that goes beyond particular interests and behavior and is developed free of political and economic pressures … On climate change, there is a clear, definitive and ineluctable ethical imperative to act … The establishment of an international climate change treaty is a grave ethical and moral responsibility.
Unfortunately for Mr. Pope and popefans around the world, Global Warming Is All A Lie.  The London Telegraph has displayed that Global Warming is not just a myth but a scam. Temperature reading from weather stations  around the globe have been "adjusted" up by a full degree  to make it look like Global warming really exists. In the business world people would go to jail for fudging the numbers like this. And the size of the adjustment has been called "breathtaking" - the NOAA has increased the data by a whopping 35%.

So the pope is right, global warming is man made... or better stated, man made-up.

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