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Friday, September 26, 2014

When Vapid Is A Smoke Screen

Emma Watson, who for most of her life dedicated herself to leading the youth of the world away from God and into the arms of Satan, has started leading her breathless followers down a slightly different path.

Miss Watson, for those of you who may have forgotten, played the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, she played a young witch and made occultism and dark rites look positively harmless to a generation of children whose parents lacked simple fundamental knowledge on the evils of occultism. These people have been duped into believing that there's nothing wrong with occult practices, these were "Good little witches" That's a lot like saying Nagasaki was hit by a harmless atomic noogie. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In the words of an actual satanic follower, the daughter of the founder of the Church of Satan:
"As a Satanic consultant, I have had to re-educate many a newcomer to the true meaning of witchcraft, a meaning opposed to the pervasive Wiccan "good witch" syndrome. I have even grown to dislike the word “witch” after years of having to tolerate its misuse by so many hypocritical fence-straddlers, stuck between the God-fearing Christian ethos and their satanophobi.... The woman who grasps and fully understands the mastery of the world inherent in this book's Satanic teachings will usher in a true feminism: the liberation of the demonic in every woman." - Zeena LaVey 
Zeena LaVey, daughter of Anton LaVey, appears to be vexed by the fact that she needs to teach these silly little girls who are dabbling in what they believe is "White Magic" that there is no white magic, that at it's root all magic is evil. In the words of a Christian who was saved from the occult by the grace of Christ Jesus: 
There is no doubt that Hollywood is transforming many once innocent children into narcissistic, demon worshipping, wand wielding, neo-pagans, who have been led to believe that they can be little gods who can manipulate the forces of the universe like Harry Potter. - Pastor Joe Shimmel, Good Fight Ministries
As we approach Halloween I'll do more on Wicca, it's satanic roots, and the trap of lies that it really is, but today it's all about Miss Watson and her appearance before the United Nations. Every time an actor or an actress appears before a law making body I shudder. It's hard for me to put aside the truth that an actor or actress is just that, someone who acts. Someone who mouths the words of someone else. Historical examples are Meryl Streep blubbering and weeping in front of congress about the dangers of eating apples. (BTW, Ms Streep studied at Yale, Vassar, and Dartmouth, but all in literature, fashion, performing arts, not bio-chemical engineering) Then there was Ted Danson who gravely warned us that we had 10 years to "save" the oceans (he didn't define what he meant by save) or we would all pay the concequences, which would be death. That was 26 years ago, a follow up statement thanking us for "saving" the ocean has not been made yet by Mr. Danson. 

The celebrities who have appeared before congress have included Frank Zappa, John Denver, Christopher Reeve, Bob Barker, Ben Affleck, Elmo the muppet, Bono, Jewel (whoever that is), Richard Simmons, Mary Tyler Moore, Kevin Costner, and Stephen Colbert. In each case none of these people are what could be considered experts in their fields, many are barely high school educated, one isn't even a human being. At very best these folks can be described as an interested bystander in the field which they were testifying about.

To be charitable I really need to fight back the urge to remember the fact that for most of human history actors and actresses were considered by society to be little better than prostitutes. I need to keep in mind that they are passionate about their chosen cause, but then I'm very passionate about a cause; the welfare of our young enlisted people serving in the military, so why am I not testifying in front of the armed services committee? (I can do Nicholson - "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!") Because I'm not famous.

Her fame is not the only reason why Emma Watson was appearing before the UN to launch a "feminist campaign for global gender equality and understand the worlds need for feminism." A big part of her appearance had to do with her innocent appearance and her apparent ignorance of what feminism truly is. I get the impression that she thinks it's a kind girls support club. I am not going to deny that many countries treat women horrifically, and that's an understatement (I know, I've been there) but that's not what feminism is about. American feminists barely pay lip service to their dying sisters in the third world, they have a bigger mission to accomplish.

When Miss Watson stood before the UN and aped the words her handlers gave her, it appeared that she completely misunderstand what feminism is. Or, less charitably, if she really did know what feminism is truly about then she stood in front of the world and lied to us. However one quote showed the world she's clueless:
"The more I have spoken out about feminism, the more I have realized that fighting for women's rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating, If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop" - Emma Watson UN Speech, 09/20/14
Mind you, she didn't say that man-hating has to stop, she's saying that the perception of man-ting has to stop. Gee, I wonder how society got the idea that feminists could be a bunch of man haters.
“I feel that ‘man-hating’ is an honorable and viable political act, that the oppressed have a right to class-hatred against the class that is oppressing them.” – Robin Morgan, Ms. Magazine Editor
“To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he’s a machine, a walking dildo.” – Valerie Solanas radical feminist writer who is best known for the SCUM Manifesto (SCUM = Society for Cutting Up Men), as well as the attempted murder of artist Andy Warhol. 
“I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Andrea Dworkin radical feminist and writer and author of Woman Hating 
“Rape is nothing more or less than a conscious process of intimidation by which all men keep all women in a state of fear” — Susan Brownmiller, American feminist journalist, author of Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape 
“The more famous and powerful I get the more power I have to hurt men.” — Sharon Stone actress 
“In a patriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent.” — Catherine MacKinnon feminist, scholar, lawyer, teacher and activist. 
“The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.” — Sally Miller Gearhart teacher, feminist, science fiction writer, and political activist. 
“Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience.” – Catherine Comins, Assistant Dean of Student Life for Vassar College 
“All men are rapists and that’s all they are” — Marilyn French, American feminist , author 
“Probably the only place where a man can feel really secure is in a maximum security prison, except for the imminent threat of release.” — Germaine Greer Australian theorist, academic and journalist, and is regarded as having been a major feminist voice of the mid-20th century
That's how.

Let's forget the feminist malarkey about women getting paid so much lower than men for the same work, First of all, women aren't working the same work as men, 92% of high risk jobs are held by men, high risk is offset by higher pay. and if you massage the numbers to eliminate the risk factor you still get the statistic that men are twice as likely to put in more than 40 hours of work a week while women were twice as likely to work 35 to 39 hours a week. When you account for that and eliminate factors such as child raising the pay difference is closer to 4%. And lets forget about the feminist mantra about contraception,the argument there is not about being denied access to contraception but who is going to pay for it

In the end, when you strip away the bluster, the self-aggrandization, and the clearly lesbian agenda (“Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice.” - Stevi Jackson, Sue Scott, Feminism and Sexuality: A Reader, Columbia University Press, 1996, p. 28) the clear target of feminism is not woman's rights but this: destroying God’s perfect design for His church—a design that reflects the principles of authority and submission that allow both society and the family to function.

If Feminists truly wanted equality they'd be flocking to the Church were God promised pure gender equality:
There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. (Galatians 3:28)
But they're not,
If there is anything being attacked more viciously than any other it is this matter of the role of young women. One of the most devastating and debilitating and destructive movements in our day is the feminist movement. It is changing not only the world, but sadly it is changing the church, and as a result, the Word of God is being dishonored, opponents are having plenty bad to say about us and God our savior is being dishonored and shamed. The real feminist agenda is frightening - the real feminist agenda is Satanic. Feminism, with all of its assorted features and its unique companionship with homosexuality is an old heresy that is meant to destroy God's design". - John MacArthur
 God created man and woman to compliment each other, to work with each other, but the plan of feminism is to attack and denigrate men but to replace God. Gloria Steinem said  "By the year 2,000, we will, I hope raise children to believe in human potential, not God." One can only wonder if Paul was prophesying about feminist leaders when he warned us that false teachers can often be identified by their opposition or indifference to the truths of the Gospel
1 But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men of depraved mind, rejected in regard to the faith. (2 Timothy 3:1-8)
The false teachers of feminism teach a false lifestyle of unrighteousness masquerading as "social justice" a term with a fluid definition that can change as the winds of public opinion change. They prey on weak-willed women, women who are guilt ridden because of their sins, torn by lust and self hatred, women who bought into the Disney Princess lie that all situations have a happy ending, and victims of various false teachers ("always learning," but never coming to a saving knowledge of Christ). Women who see their own shortcomings to be caused by society in general, and "men" in particular. Some feminists are victims of childhood abuse and are rightly bitter toward men and are incapable of dealing with this bitterness. Rather than receiving the forgiving grace of Jesus, or even reaching out to Him, most of these women took the easy route and bought into the lie perpetrated by their handlers and suddenly become 'emancipated' and as a result are unable to function in a healthy relationship with a man. Remember what I said about lesbianism in feminism?

At it's root Feminism is a pagan spiritual movement based partly on reawakening of "goddess consciousness," and its real goal is matriarchy, not equality. Here is the spiritual advice feminist Alva Smith Vanerbilt Belmont (yes, those Vanderbilts) gave one young woman: "Call on God my dear. She will help you." (The Belmont mansion is now a center for Psychic fairs)
"Let's forget about the mythical Jesus and look for encouragement, solace, and inspiration from real women ... Two thousand years of patriarchal rule under the shadow of the cross ought to be enough to turn women toward the feminist 'salvation' of this world" - Annie Laurie Gaylor, "Feminist Salvation," The Humanist, p. 37, July/August 1988  
The ultimate symbol of the patriarchy is a male God, God the Father, which brings God under attack by the feminist man haters. They've even infiltrated the church, feminists at the National Council of Churches have demanded and got a "gender neutral" version of the Bible in which God is "our father and mother in heaven." and Jesus Christ is not the "Son of God," but the "child of God." Only a true feminist could deny the actual sex of a person (Jesus Christ) with books filled with first person testimony staring them in the face. 

The St. Hilda Community (an offshoot of the Church of England's Movement for the Ordination of Women) are not rewriting Christian creeds, but replacing them. Their stuff has such stellar prose as "We believe in the presence of God in the world. She is our mother, source of deep wisdom ... she is our lover and is allowed to touch our pain ... she is our friend who stands alongside us." They have rewritten the Lords Prayer (rechristened as the "Prayer of Jesus") which reads in part, "Beloved, our Father and Mother in whom is heaven, hallowed by your name, followed by your royal way ..."

Remember what John MacArthur said a few paragraphs ago? "...the Word of God is being dishonored, opponents are having plenty bad to say about us and God our savior is being dishonored and shamed."

The feminist goddess culture embraces European nature religions, especially witchcraft, Westernized Hinduism, Chinese Taoism, Japanese Shintoism, and Buddhism. Pretty much any religion where worship of self and aversion for logic predominates fits right in with the feminist agenda. Many differences and contradictions are simply ignored:  
 "Goddess worship, paganism, Wicca, and witchcraft are all names for a form of natural religion that is centered around the mystery, sexuality, and psychic mysteries of the female. The book is a clarion call to women to regain their natural power and to overthrow the global rule of men. The author's starting point for the re-establishment of female dominance is in bringing an end to Judeo-Christian religion." - Charlene Spretnak, The Politics of Women's Spirituality
  "All of history must be rewritten in terms of the oppression of women. We must go back to ancient female religions like witchcraft." - The Declaration of Feminism, November 1971.
The woman who grasps and fully understands the mastery of the world inherent in this book's Satanic teachings will usher in a true feminism: the liberation of the demonic in every woman." - Zeena LaVey, satanist
The deeper you dig, the darker it gets until you're seeing nothing but New Age, Neo-pagan nature worship wrapped in hate filled political propaganda where men are evil because they're mean, yet slaughtering unborn babies is not just a right, but a rite. So to push their new agenda (same stuff, different wrapper) the feminists trot out sweet, cute, innocent, vapid, Emma Watson who has clearly bought into the lie that feminism is solely about gender equality and just plaintively wants to know "Why can't we just get along?" 

The smoke screen almost worked, until Miss Watson was threatened with having her nude pictures published on the internet before the speech. The world was shocked (at least the part of the world that gives a hoot about celebrities but refuses to research their sin filled Godless (for the most part) life style). The world gasped "How could she be threatened like that? She's such a good girl." and I reply "If she doesn't want to be exposed, why is she posing for nude pictures in the first place?"

I think I got a hex thrown at me.

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  1. "One of the most devastating and debilitating and destructive movements in our day is the feminist movement." Yes it sure is I often try and get people to see that-I am a stay at home mother, I was saved when I was at the peak of my sinful pathetic life and God sent a girl to the door with a birthday present. I was 19 and already had a 4 year old son, I was one wretched child evil in all my ways seemingly having no conscience, wrecking havoc wherever I went. I was miserable and ended up finding myself locked up in a room hostage to a drug dealer who was 19 years my senior, and pregnant. Well that girl, with the present, at the door, note that girl was the drug dealers niece(the family was from Mexico so communication was non existent between me and them). And she gave him the present, which was wrapped in a pink gift bag, with pink tissue paper. There was a Bible in the bag, he got mad, threw it in the closet and it was forgotten of. I remembered it in the closet one night when he beat me up so bad and kept threatening to kill me I really thought it was this time that he was really going to do it. I remembered the Bible went and looked for it found it, then I remembered somebody saying that if you call on the name of Jesus and ask him he will save you. Well I thought it meant save you from death and a worldly, literal way which, of course he does save us from worldly death or I should say physical death at times. Well I started praying that he would rescue me from that situation and of course he did. But not without me having another baby. So now I'm a single mom with 3 kids I'm 29 years old I've never been married I don't have boyfriends and I haven't in many years because of course as a Christian and not going to have sexual relations with a man unless we're married. So here's my point, all the time I get grief from family friends even just acquaintances saying how I should be working 2 jobs or that I should have a boyfriend so they'll have a man in their life or many other things such as I should just get a boy toy or why don't I go out sometimes and have fun blah blah blah blah. And of course it's harder than ever to find a real man if you know what I mean, as the feminist movement has totally kicked him out of their position as providers and it's like they don't know what to do it themselves so they just become this half man half bull who plays video games instead of work. Feminism is extremely evil. And what you said about them actually making a feminist Bible gender-neutral what did local scholar could actually do that I don't understand? That is exactly comparable to chapter 7 verse 18 in Jeremiah where it says the children gather wood the father's Kindle Fire and the women knead dough to make cakes for the Queen of Heaven, astorah, or however you spell it.