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Monday, October 14, 2013

Obama's Shutdown Shuts Down Military Chaplains

Only 17% of the government is shut down, so does that mean frivolous golf outings are stopped? Have multi-million dollar wagyu beef dinner extravaganzas for such non-VIPs as Jay-Z and Beyonce been put on the back burner? Has luxury vacations on the tax payer dime been put on hold? Has the staff of the first lady, who really has no job, been cut to under 1,000 people? (Which would still be twice that of her predecessors) Has the house and senate gyms and cafeterias been shut down forcing the congressmen to carry baloney on white with Miracle Whip to work? Of course not! 

What has been shut down the the ability of the American people to access national parks and monuments regardless of whether  they were managed by the federal government or not, and payments to families of dead soldiers. In this time of financial crisis our president has taken this opportunity to continue his war on christian military members and on the catholic church. But wait! There's more!

Now, thanks to the Obama administration, the ability of men and women, who are putting their lives at risk for this country, to worship God has been sacrificed to the great god Mammon. We find out that some military priests are facing arrest if they celebrate mass or practice their faith on military bases during the federal government shutdown. In a recent press release, John Schlageter General Counsel for Archdiocese for the US Military indicates it's more than money at work

Schalageter's press release states that non-active-duty priests are barred from engaging in any ministerial activity - this includes unpaid volunteers. To add insult to injury their work is deemed "non-essential" so they can be placed on furlough, and it's deemed "non-authorized" to ban them from ministering on base. Active duty chaplains are allowed to continue on with their duties, but the volunteers and contractors who minister during this shortage of chaplains will be arrested if they try to get on base.

The catholic church and I do not agree on much, but one of the main things we do agree on is that the right to free expression of faith must be upheld for those that are risking our lives to protect our free expression of faith. The other thing we agree on is that this action is petty and childish, but we expect no more from a petty and childish administration.


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