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Monday, February 25, 2013

Emergent Monday: Pastor Oprah, Superstar

During her appearance on her April 23 2012 LifeClass Tour Oprah Winfrey professed twice to be a Christian during her introduction, which the media decided was proof enough that she was indeed a Christian. "My favorite Bible verse – because I am Christian – is Acts... something..." The Black Christian News Network suggested that Miss Winfrey was a "secret follower" of Jesus Christ and that those that doubt their word are modern day Pharisees. 

Allow me to school the Black Christian News Network for a moment. Attention BCNN: This isn't North Korea. Here in America where the only people being persecuted for freedom of speech is conservatives being persecuted by liberals for not aping their twisted versions of the truth by being called racists regardless of the content of the discussion. (Note to readers: If someone calls you a racist, you just won the argument) Allow me to remind you of what the Old Testament says about "secret followers" of Jesus: Psalm 34:2, and what the New Testament says about "secret followers" of Jesus: 1 Corinthians 1:31. If the Black Christian News Network actually took a look at Oprah they'd find that she's a "secret follower" of someone else.

While on rare occasion Oprah claims to be a Christian, in real life she professes a pagan pantheistic belief that God is everything and everyone, an abstract force rather than the personal Being that He is. Oprah's rise to fame came when she started following Helen Schucman's satanically inspired "A Course in Miracles" which is a new age 'all paths lead to God' bit of fluffy blasphemous nonsense that should have been laughed off the bookshelves years ago.  (It's humorous to see how someone who knows nothing about the bible tries to correct the bible) The author claims to have written it over the course of seven years taking spiritual dictation from "Jesus". Other books that have been written by Spiritual Dictation: The Wizard of Oz, The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, and the Koran. Ignoring the obvious heresy and blasphemy of A Course in Miracles, confused personalities like Robert Schuller, Rick Warren, and Oprah Winfrey read this nonsense (a great review of which is here) and actually believed it, and thus the slide to the End Times is lubricated with the grease of ignorance. 

Oprah is deep into the New Age Movement. The New Age Movement is more than chromatic scales posing as music, incense, wearing Save The Whales t-shirts, and voting for incompetent candidates. The heart of the New Age Movement is directionless mysticism: pagan, satanic, and eastern mysticism expressed using Christian expressions. The New Age Movement has two major tenants; Evolutionary Godhood and Global Unity. Evolutionary Godhood is the belief that mankind will eventually evolve into some kind of higher deity. Compare this belief with the lie of the serpent in Genesis 3:4-5 - you will be like God. Their other tenant, global unity, is fully in alignment with end time prophesy. 

Other beliefs of the New Age Movement are reincarnation, astrology, the magic arts, psychic healing, and the divinity of self or "Christ Consciousness," which really has nothing at all to do with Jesus but has everything to do with a made-up mythos about Jesus:
A major idea in New Age thinking is that of the "Christ Consciousness." In other words, Christ is an office rather than an individual, such as Jesus, whom Christians know to be THE CHRIST. This idea of "Christ Consciousness" asserts that Jesus was not the only Christ, but that He equipped Himself to receive the "Christ Consciousness" (i.e., He was a great "spiritual master" who attained Christ Consciousness), as supposedly also did Buddha, Krishna, and Mohammed... New Agers believe that Jesus received the Christ Consciousness at His baptism, and that it left Him at His crucifixion." - Biblical Discernment Ministries

This belief should not be mistaken for Christ Jesus anymore than a mouse in a cookie jar should not be mistaken for an Oreo. 

If I have a problem with Oprah it's not that she peddles this snake-oil to an unsuspecting population, it's that she lies to them about being a Christian. 2 Timothy 3:2-7 explains it quite nicely. And she's not alone in her sales pitch for new age heresy. She's had Rick Warren and Joel Osteen on her show kowtowing to her mystic beliefs. Both practitioners of "Gospel Lite" came on her show to schlep their books and when the conversation turned to things theological neither said or did anything to lead her away from her crystal ball and ouiji board and toward the Gospel. Both were there to sell their books and get a little face time with the queen of daytime TV. 

Discernment and rebuke! As "Pastors" these two functions should have been exercised for Oprah's entire hour. If she claims to be a Christian then it's her duty to reprove and correct those that stray from the Gospel, and if she's the one straying from the Gospel then it's her job to accept correction and say "Thank you" Osteen and Warren should be chastised not for not correcting Oprah, but for not even attempting to do so. It's our job!
1 Peter 3:15    Ephesians 5:11    2 Peter 2:1-2    2 Timothy 4:2    John 8:31-32

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