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Monday, February 22, 2021

God Bless Texas

 God Bless Texas!

You chose poorly
In winter the expected output of a wind turbine is 0

    Nothing, shows the failure of the "Green New Deal" and the clueless prattling about "renewable energy" than the energy disaster in Texas which just occurred. To begin with, solar power and wind power are NOT renewable energy. Once that photon has struck the solar panel, it's gone. It will never come back. Once a gust of wind has nudged a wind turbine's blade, it's gone. You will never see that gust of wind again. There is nothing you can do to get that photon or gust back. You cannot renew them, you can not make more wind, you cannot create more sunbeams. You can hope for more, but I've lived in Texas, in summer weeks can go by without a puff of wind, so much for the 12th century technology of wind power. In a Texas winter the clouds can blanket the state without a drop of rain, a flake of snow, or a respite from the gloom. An actual renewable form of energy is wood. You can (and we do)  plant more trees, then cut them down, dry them out, and bake them into charcoal. But solar and wind are (except for the clouds and windless day) best described as "sustainable abet unpredictable" energy.

     Now, you can scream that the "Green New Deal is not in effect because it hasn't been voted on!" until you're green in the face, to which I say "Be quiet, adults are talking." Ever since Alexandria Occasional Ocasio Cortez put forth her lunatic fantasy (I really can't wait to take an electric train to Hawaii) the political and theological left has been driven by the breathless idea that you can power the industrial might of the world with children's smiles and unicorn farts. No, it hasn't been voted on in the house or the senate, but it has been accepted as the unofficial law of the land by every man, woman, and any combination of those two options on the political left. The truth is, if you want to avoid burning everything you own to keep from freezing next winter, you had better pray for Global Warming on a massive scale.

     Nothing is more deadly to mankind than cold. A study published in the British journal The Lancet analyzed data on more than 74 million deaths in 13 countries between 1985 and 2012. Of those, 5.4 million deaths were related to cold, while 311,000 were related to heat. The left will tell you that heat may kill crops, but they will ignore the fact that cold prevents crops from even being planted. They might say that we are all going to burn up from global warming, they might hysterically shriek that oceans are going to rise by feet and wipe out entire cities, to which I say "I warned you once before, adults are talking."

     I could cover this page with data and charts that show that the temperature on the moon, Mars, and Pluto are rising also indicating that the sun is the cause of our "woes" but the most damning evidence against the "science" of man made global warming is the fact that the coastlines of the Untied States are populated by those people who believe most that global warming is going to destroy the coastlines of the United States. Cape Cod, the Hamptons, Rehoboth Beach, Ocean City, Provincetown, Ogunquit, and the whole of Martha's Vineyard, all in the crosshairs of a global disaster, all infested with what looks like LeftThink powered automatons who publicly claim that the sea levels are going up like express elevators, and not a single one is moving inland. The greenest president ever, Barack Milhouse Hussein Obama dropped several jillion dollars in a palace on the beach at Martha's Vineyard knowing full well that he'd need a scuba mask to watch TV in their sunken living room? No, he doesn't believe the lies about global warming, none of them do, and neither should you.

      Whirly-gigs are not the answer no matter how stupid the question is. How can we say that the windmills failed when their owners claim that they reached their expected output? That's easy, the expected output of a windmill placed anywhere in the United States in the winter is 0. The forgotten AAA battery that fell behind your dresser last summer has the potential of adding more energy to the energy grid this January than a $4 million dollar two megawatt wind turbine. The reason is simple; in the winter the wind turbine needs to prevent its vital components from freezing, so they have heating elements installed to warm those gears and lubricants and bit and parts. Until heating elements that are designed to operate on children's smiles and unicorn farts come on line, the heating elements have to be powered by electricity, causing the wind turbine's efficiency rating to fall into the negative numbers. The heaters come in the form of very expensive "winterization" kits which Texas did not spend the money to install. The idea is: spend the money on expensive heaters that use more energy than the wind turbine puts out, or not spend the money on expensive heaters and get no energy out of the wind turbine. It's a lose-lose situation.

You guessed it, de-icing a Texas eagle chopper
     The need for electricity in unexpected places in the energy production chain doesn't stop at 12th century technology like windmills. Natural gas, often called by psudoscientists who infest the left wing a "fossil fuel', is not a fossil fuel. It's a mixture of combustible gases formed underground by the decomposition of organic materials in plants and animals. Decomposition of organic materials such as plants and animals creates methane which is the primary component of natural gas, happens fairly rapidly as compared to waiting for a tree to grow so you can cut it down and burn it to keep warm. Natural gas is produced in sizeable quantities in garbage dumps and the dump operators need to deal with it. Because it is so easily created, could you call it "renewable?" Personally I wouldn't stop you if you did, but to be honest, there is no such thing as renewable energy. The only exception might be hydro, which is dependent on the source of the water remaining a viable source via the water cycle.

     Like oil and coal, the United States has lots of natural gas, and we can and pipe it right to the clean burning natural gas power generating stations. The problem is that to keep the gas moving through these pile lines, you need pumps and valves to move the gas, and in a cold winter these need to be powered. Because the Texas energy demand shot up due to the cold weather, and because the wind turbines were doing exactly what they were designed to do in the winter (nothing), there wasn't enough energy to operate those valves and pumps needed to move the natural gas, which caused natural gas pipelines to fail, which caused natural gas burning power plants to fail, which caused Texas to fail. The only power source that continued to operate during the Great Texas Power Shutdown of '21 is coal and nuclear. 

     Shriek in horror all you want, but coal and nuclear are the most reliable power sources America has.  There are other potential sources of reliable, sustainable energy; geothermal is one such source, but not a lot of people would be happy with a power company punching holes in Yellowstone National Park. Another safe, reliable source of power would be in the creation of a series of Thorium Reactors. The waste from a thorium reactor is 1000 times less radioactive than uranium, although it is corrosive. There are a lot of things that are corrosive and we learn to deal with them without being hysterical to the point of wetting our pants. So why don't we have Thorium Reactors? Because of the word "reactor" and that whole "being hysterical to the point of wetting our pants" reaction people have to the word "reactor". If you want to learn more about Thorium Reactors than you'd ever want to know, have a chat with my buddy Rob over on MeWe, I guarantee that he's smarter than you.

     Many people are angry that the Texas power grid is not connected with a federally controlled power grid. This is a good thing. Why? Because Texas produces more energy than it needs, this allows Texas to sell excess power to other energy grids. If Texas were part of a national system, because Texas gets a large amount of energy from pinwheels wind turbines (on a windy day) this would allow a federally controlled grid to shut down "inefficient" coal plants in neighboring states, making neighboring states dependent on Texas power. This would have made the 'Texas only' power outage spread to New Mexico, Louisiana, and Oklahoma putting millions more people in the dark.

The Leftists will spin tales of reactor melt downs and the horrors of coal belching clouds of soot into the air, and to be honest, with the advent of clean burning coal plants the only horror left in coal is the fact that not enough leftists received lumps of it in their Christmas stocking. And that is all the left has to offer; horror stories. Made up horror stories. They create fear in your heart and then they prey on it. They spun stories of how the evil Donald J. Trump was going to start a nuclear war, and guess what - he didn't. The left lied to you (big surprise). They told us that the evil President Donald J. Trump was a man of war, a politician who uses threat of nuclear war for personal gain. Yet the evil president Donald J. Trump was nominated for four Nobel peace prizes, he moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, he brought our troops home from Germany and Afghanistan, and while the political left lies and refuses to acknowledge Donald J. Trump's successes, they also lie and refuse to acknowledge Joe Biden's addiction to Chinese money.  

What do we, the Christian men and women who care about our country, do about the hysterical raving from the left, the insanity of their demands, the vile accusations, and the non-stop attacks on our God Given liberties? The answer is right there in the bible:

When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You (Psalm 56:3)

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