Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

WWUTT Wednesday: Beth Moore - Moore is Less

I'm really not crazy about Beth Moore, and it's not all that hair and all those teeth. She is a pretty woman, but her preaching is pretty too.  For example when preaching on Matthew 8:28–34 she spoke of the demon possessed men who were coming out of the tombs:
"before we proceed to the next point, consider a fact revealed in verse 27. The demonic didn't live in a house. He resided in the tombs. I wonder how many people today are living "in the tombs"? I know a woman who is still so oppressed by despair that decades after the loss of a loved one, she still lives "in the tombs."  (Jesus, the One and Only, by Beth Moore, B & H Publishing Group, Nashville, Tenn., 2002, p. 143-144)
These men were not depressed they were actually living in the graveyard, they were probably driven out of their town because of their demonic possession. Is Beth saying that if you're depressed then you are demonically possessed? The point of the text is not about emotional trauma, this is abuse of the text. Maybe Beth doesn't need to properly exegete the text because she believes that whispers in the heart are superior to the text?
"As we study we may see several examples of Him [Christ] posing a question that only He could answer. Christ certainly uses that teaching method with me. Sometimes He’ll cause me to dig through Scripture for a question He seemed to initiate. Other times the question may come as a personalized whisper in my heart: 'Beth, why are you acting that way?' Often my answer is 'I don’t know, Lord! Can you tell me why?' If I really search His heart, sooner or later He’ll give me insight into my reactions," (Jesus, the One and Only, by Beth Moore, B & H Publishing Group, Nashville, Tenn., 2002, p. 47)
For a true believer the law of the Lord is perfect:
7 The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul;
The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.
8 The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart;
The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.
9 The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever;
The judgments of the Lord are true; they are righteous altogether.
(Psalm 19:7-9)
So if the Word of God is perfect what does it say for "personalized whispers in the heart"?
 The heart is more deceitful than all else And is desperately sick; Who can understand it? (Jeremiah 17:9)
Now her teaching is (surprise surprise) moving in anti-biblical territory; gifts and other charismatic voodoo, ecumenism, and turning her back on scripture, especially 1 Timothy chapters 2 and 3 and any other related text that falls under the SJW commandments against perceived misogamy. If you want less Moore, read The SBC should say "No more" to Beth Moore


  1. I don't think Moore is all that pretty.

    Anyway, I've been following her teachings since 2005 when I was asked to examine her "Believing God" DVD series. She was in anti-biblical territory then, so all she is doing is getting worse.

  2. I looked up her bio and found out that her college degree is Basket Weaving. (Actually political science, basket weaving would be a more useful degree). Her bio also states that she has no theological education. Color Me Surprised*

    *sarcastic statement which now invites "fact checking" by Snopes