Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Random Bits

Roman Catholic priests and monks turned the Antonio Provolo Institute for the Deaf into a private whore house where they took sick, disgusting pleasure in abusing young boys who were not only incapable of calling out for help, but thanks to these sick perverts, these young kids were unable to communicate their distress at all. If you can read this article without tearing up you're either a stronger, or colder person than I am.If you are not a former part of the RCC, or familiar with how they work, this article shows how these rapists got away with their disgusting sin as long as they did. Rather than deal directly with a priest caught with blood on his... hands, the church just moves them across the world to hide the offending priest. It's easy: If you can't hide the sin, hide the sinner. 

In this case the child molesters were moved from Italy to Argentina where Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, helped hide the stain of their foul actions. It is not unusual for a parish priest to suddenly disappear, swept away to another part of the world leaving behind confused parishioners. Priests aren't moved around solely to hide their sins, I pray that's a minority of the priests that are 'disappeared' without notice, but I can't help feeling that legitimate moves may be done to disguise moves that were made to hide priests that were abusing young boys. I don't think the Protestant world has a Get Out Of Jail Free card that is anything close to the Roman Catholic Churches game of Three Card Monte

Since the pope can't be bothered to open an investigation into Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's serial homosexual abuse, the congregation will do it, and they're going to look at ALL of the cardinals

The Vatican denounced the scandal of child abuse before the U.N. General Assembly, guess what they didn't mention - go on, guess!

Confidence in Pope Francis plummets in the U.S. American Catholics now give Francis negative marks for his handling of the sex abuse scandal

The Papacy, “Infallibility” and the Magisterium. When Glenn wants to cut the mustard he knows right where to stick the knife 

'We are scared, but we have Jesus': China and its war on Christianity

Chinese children are forced to say that they follow no religion

Nine things you should know about the Bethel Church movement

The Cincinnati Crossroads Church is hosting a conference for youth pastors promoting “LGBTQ” behaviors

Religion of Peace Update #1: Four children and a grandmother among 17 Christians slain in an attack by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

Religion of Peace Update #2: Brutal attack on a Christian family in Pakistan caught on camera

Religion of Peace Update #3: 27 members of a Christian church in the Congo were slaughtered in an attack by Islamic militants

Religion of Peace Update #4: Authorities seal shut three Christian church buildings in Islamic Indonesia

Religion of Peace Update #5: Kurdish authorities in northeastern Syria close Christian schools

Wa Rebels in Burma continue attacking the Christian church, they've closed a dozen more churches and have arrested 92 Christian leaders and 42 Christian students (I mentioned them last week too)

When Perry Noble stepped down from his leadership position at NewSpring church, the megachurch was in debt to the tune of $47 million dollars

If it doesn't appear to you that the church is shedding it's Godly mores and caving to the leftist agenda, you're not paying attention. We are under attack from within by agents of betrayal

A Pew survey shows that evangelical belief in nonsense like reincarnation and astrology is "shockingly high"

A monument to the ancient pagan false god Baal was erected in Washington DC on the Capitol Mall

Feminism Rejected: the Deborah's Voice movement brought much needed clarity of mind and heart to Washington DC

Sin Rejected: Azusa Pacific University corrects a bad decision and restores biblical conduct to their campus

While the press bloviated and fumed over the SCOTUS selection, seven police officers were shot in South Carolina and you probably didn't hear about it. The police chief asks that everyone "who knows the Lord Jesus Christ to pray for these officers,"

Attack Of The Thought Police - Switzerland outlaws homophobia and transphobia

An abortion activist Brutally assaulted a Pro-Life woman and his vicious attack was caught on video. Turns out he is Jordan Hunt of Toronto, Ont and he's now unemployed

"The mystical-miracle movement—with its plethora of self-claimed apostles, prophets, and healers—is probably the deadliest heretical movement today."  Book Review: Defining Deception, by Costi Hinn & Anthony Wood

The Seven Effects of False Teaching

FBI Investigation Implicates Entire World: 'There Is None Righteous, No, Not One' This is really true, right?

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    Re the "religion of peace," do you subscribe to Pamela Gellar's daily news? Good stuff for exposing Islam-- just don't post it on Facebook or you will be in FB prison.