Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Random Bits

Right after I clicked "Publish" on Random Bits last week I came down with a severe bout of bronchitis. Now I don't think that the two occurrences have anything in common. The bronchitis could be caused by many things; air pollution, smoke, pollen, collusion, my manliness, or my inability to see sin as anything but sin (I think I just jinxed my CrissFit membership) But before I go full Gloria Copeland I think I will follow my doctors orders. After all, it was her lecture that I interrupted with my coughing and hacking. Pulmonologists don't like their lectures to be interrupted with the coughing and hacking of their own patients, it looks bad.

This wasn't Dr. Awesome lecturing (she treats my COPD and a couple of other acronyms), this was Dr. Chicago who treats my Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension which is a pretty rare thing. The cause is unknown, and I have only a few of the risk factors (rule out the major risks:  HIV/AIDS, sickle cell disease, cocaine use) which leaves me with blood clots in the lungs (no one knows how they got there), COPD, really really bad sleep apnoea, and living at high altitudes. It was Dr. Awesome's staff that got me on the road to recovery from the bronchitis, and a week later I am feeling better. Not finished with it, but better. And I thank God every day that He led me to these medical champions who keep me going so I can worship Him from down here a little bit longer. So with that I'm outta here for about a week. I'm headed up to North Dakota to visit my kids and if summer occurs up there I'll post the new about it here first!

A Corporate pilot tells the truth about those magnificent men (Jesse Duplantis and Kenneth Copeland) and their flying machines

Secret genocide of Christians reported in Myanmar: thousands killed, pregnant women raped

Human Rights Disaster: China's persecution of Christians at the highest level since Mao

Chinese police entered a seminary class and hauled away two pastors

Released North Korean Christian prays for his future

Belgium, Norway and Netherlands lead the decline of nominal Christianity in Europe

Billionaire Nazi collaborator George Soros attacked for working to de-Christianize Europe

Hamas is now attacking Israel with kites and balloons, seriously, a lot of them

 A pastor who made no headlines by his life has made global news by his death. Christians are not immune from the horrors of this world

The Minnesota Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church edited the historic Apostles' Creed so that it removed references to God as "Father" for a worship service.

Democrat court jester Nancy Pelosi leaps over supreme court decision to bully Christians into ignoring the SCOTUS ruling

CrossFit executive fired because he believes the bible, the Gaystapo is on a rampage. Called trash and worse for his stance against Pride, which Jesus Himself said defiles a man. This actually makes sense, CrossFit is a company that is solely built on pride, so it has to fire someone who tries to extinguish that pride.

Newly elected Georgia official refuses to take oath of office on a bible, instead prefers popular literature

Monroe NC refuses a church to meet in a section of their town, because it's a Christian church

A pedofile supporting, advocate for child pornography and incest, rapist, felon is running for Congress in Virginia, and it's all due to Bill and Hillary's good friend who wanted Hillary to win

56 lawmakers demand Planned Parenthood be investigated for covering-up child sex-abuse

I warned you about Steven Furtick, I warned you all. If it walks like a Wolf, bears fruit like a Wolf, wears a sheep suit with skinny jeans like a wolf...

Best way to fix Christianity? Elect Beth Moore to presidency of the SBC, of course! Silly me, and all this time I thought it was to love God with all your mind and all your heart and all your soul...

It's been a long time since we've heard news of the image of Jesus appear on an inanimate object. Here's Rembrandt's 1648 "Head of Christ" painting brought to you on the butt of a horseshoe crab shell

The trustees at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary who terminated Dr. Paige Patterson just a week after moving him to the position of president emeritus are being asked to step down

John MacArthur says that Charismatics are attributing the works of Satan to the Holy Spirit, RC Sproul calls Charismatics “Apostates” and “Heretics” – Wretched

The late Bob Jones, who leads people to Satan with the same zeal as Joseph Smith, also has something in common with ol Crazy Joe's made up theology - we're all little gods

Two former males enter a girls track meet and beat the females by a huge margin

Animal Planet is launching a program that will feature atheist trolls in their native habitat. Gotta be true, I read it on the Babylon Bee


  1. It truly is a very fallen world!

    As for the UMC and their editing of the Apostle’s Creed — the UMC has been apostate for a long time, and should just quit claiming to be Christian.

  2. Talk about the Romans 1 effect, huh?