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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Spurgeon Thursday - Is it Bigotry To Preach The Truth?

When discussing Hillary Clinton's past CBS anchor John Dickerson recently asked President Obama: "FDR and Lincoln were both talented at letting both sides of an issue think that they agreed with both of them. Is honesty overrated as a presidential quality?"

Mister Obama said that it was, then danced around the subject for 2 full minutes. Honesty and the truth are the first victim of politics, but that's politics. No sane person truly expects honesty out of an elected official - they're humans which makes them sinners. 

However the pulpit is no place for dishonesty, but dishonesty does creep into the pulpit when the bible isn't there. This quote from Spurgeon was written over 130 years ago, just imagine what it would be like if the Prince of Preachers had heard the likes of Osteen, Meyers, Furtick, and anyone in the NAR.


“I cannot endure false doctrine, however neatly it may be put before me. Would you have me eat poisoned meat because the dish is of the choicest ware? It makes me indignant when I hear another gospel put before the people with enticing words by man who would fain make merchandise of souls; and I marvel at those who have soft words for such deceivers. ‘That is your bigotry,’ says one. Call it so if you like; but it is the BIGOTRY OF THE LOVING JOHN, who wrote, ‘If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.’

“I would to God we all had more of such decision, for the lack of it is depriving our religious life of its backbone and substituting for honest manliness a mass of tremulous jelly of mutual flattery. HE WHO DOES NOT HATE THE FALSE DOES NOT LOVE THE TRUE; and he to whom it is all the same, whether it be God’s word or man’s, is himself unrenewed at heart.

“Oh, if some of you were like your fathers, you would not have tolerated in this age the wagon loads of trash under which the gospel has been of late buried by ministers of your own choosing

“This is treason to Christ and treachery to truth and cruelty to souls. IF WE LOVE OUR LORD, WE SHALL KEEP HIS WORDS AND STAND FAST IN THE FAITH, coming out from among the false teachers. Nor is this inconsistent with charity; for the truest love to those who err is not to fraternize with them in their error, but to be faithful to Jesus Christ in all things.”


  1. Truth meant one thing to the people in Spurgeon's time and the ages before. But today there are the ideas:

    * "No one truth fits all human beings".
    * "Writing means what the reader decides, not what the author intended".

    Do you ever wonder how men like Spurgeon would address these thought-hobblers? He had such a way of clear communication.

  2. Good ol' Spurgeon