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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Pope Gets His Theology From Cartoons

Happy To Be A Catholic Dog
I'm glad I visited Rome when I did, back in the late 70's. Not because it was a wonderful time, for those of us in the military it wasn't all that wonderful, but because it wasn't so weird in Rome back then.

Mr. Pope, who really isn't a James Bond villain, just made one of the most nonsensical, unbiblical, pronouncements since he began his attack on the bible in March 2013. 
"One day, we will see our animals again in the eternity of Christ. Paradise is open to all of God's creatures." - Mr. Pope
Before discussing Mr. Pope's statement, let's look at the bible verses that he based his statement on: 

Ok, there is none. The bible holds plenty of references to animals but nothing refers to their salvation or even heaven. Everyone is familiar with Isaiah 11:6-9 because at one time or another they misquote it (incorrectly saying that the lion shall lie down with the lamb) but taken in context Isaiah doesn't mention heaven, in fact it is referring to the millennial kingdom. Still, not enough for Mr. Pope to go around making doctrinal statements.

"Wait!" you may say, "He wasn't making a doctrinal statement!" you'd continue "He was consoling a grieving boy." to which I reply "Wait!" and I go on to say "He's The Pope, everything he says is a doctrinal statement for Catholics." which is true, 

"But he wasn't speaking ex cathedra!" you could possibly continue, to which I would reply "If he was speaking ex cathedra would I have to make a pen-and-ink change to my bible?"

The pope is the leader of the biggest religion in the world, he controls more land and monetary assets than the majorities of countries on this planet. The earthly representative of a man who didn't have a place to rest his head is surrounded by so much gold, jewels, and works of art that the phrase "richer than the dreams of avarice" is now his family motto. Everything he says and does is under the scrutiny of the entire world, while his defenders claim he was just trying to comfort a small boy and shouldn't be taken seriously,

However his own pack-mates know that when Mr. Pope opens his mouth, because he is the pope what comes out is church doctrine, no matter how ridiculous or unbiblical. The Rev. James Martin, a Jesuit priest and editor at large of America, the Catholic magazine, said he believed that Francis was at least asserting that “God loves and Christ redeems all of creation,” even though bible following theologians have said paradise is not for animals. Said Fr. Martin:
“He said paradise is open to all creatures, That sounds pretty clear to me.”
And thus church doctrine is settled. Mr. Pope made no mention of heavenly litter boxes and celestial pooper scoopers, nor did he mention the fate of animals who do not accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. Since salvation in the Roman Catholic church is based on works rather than faith in the Lord Jesus Christ what happens to dogs that do not get baptized at birth? Unconfirmed Cats? I had a parakeet that NEVER went to confession, that little feathered heathen is probably burning in hell right now, isn't' that right Mr. Pope?

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