Per Fidem Intrepidus means "Fearless Through Faith". My courage isn't my own, it comes from the Holy Spirit, it's my faith in God and my personal savior Christ Jesus that calms my fears and allows me to move forward in this fallen world. Personally I'm afraid of a lot of stuff, but having the faith that Jesus adopted me as his little, sin filled, brother keeps me going.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Random Bits

Mouths that used to speak out boldly against the Church of Rome have been quieted by the times. It no longer is in vogue to speak of the pope as “the antichrist” or the Catholic Church as the “whore of Babylon”. Now Protestants unwittingly believe that “our differences are not so great”. Ah, that is just what She needs us to think! [Keith Green, The Catholic Chronicles] (source)
Some people may think I'm hard hearted for posting this quote by Keith Green just a few days after the burning of Notre Dame, and maybe my being a history nut may cause you to think that I'm off my rocker for not mourning such a loss. But when I heard of the fire the three thought came to mind:

1. I've seen the Koln Dom and it is Much Cooler

2. When actress Sophia Loren wept over her stolen jewelry director Vittorio De Sica told her "there is one great truth I have learned about life, it is this—never cry over anything that can’t cry over you.”

3. These ornate stone buildings are at best white washed tombs (Matthew 23:27-28) built to honor the Roman Catholic Church, not God, and at worst it is a symbol of hate that historically the French people had for us, the children of the Reformation

On average, three churches a day are vandalized in France

Report shows increased hostility toward Christians across Europe

Investigators believe Notre Dame fire likely caused by electrical short-circuit

People are now claiming to see Jesus in the Notra Dame flames

The St Patrick’s Cathedral arson suspect was arrested at other cathedral in NJ 2 nights previous to his arrest in NYC.

The 'Holy Spirit' told Francis Chan not to tell a Catholic what is wrong with her church

A critical response to Catholic apologist De Maria on Transubstantiation

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

WWUTT Wednesday - God is a Woman? Some People Actually Believe

Ariana Grande, who once played Cat in Nickelodeon's "tween" show Sam and Cat, is now a singer thanks to the miracle of auto-tune

Ariana is not a loving person; in any list of annoying Hollywood people, Ariana is generally in the top five due to her rude, selfish attitude toward anyone around her (donuts anyone?), so the idea of her making up her own god, then playing that role is not hard to imagine. The graphic here is a screen shot showing Miss Grande emulating Rodin's The Thinker, which in itself is hilarious. The photo was taken from is from her 2018 music video God Is A Woman. Ariana Grande's theological argument that God is a woman is summed up in the lyrics of the song:
You, you love it how I move you
You love it how I touch you
My one, when all is said and done
You'll believe God is a woman
And I, I feel it after midnight
A feelin' that you can't fight
My one, it lingers when we're done
You'll believe God is a woman

Can't argue with that, not unless you know the true word of God. Lately it looks like the whole new age movement is involved in the emasculation of God while the left is working hard to emasculate every man ever born. As Pastor Joe Schimel said of the psudo-christian movie "The Shack" 
[The Shack's]“pretentious caricature of God as a heavy set, cushy, non-judgmental, African American woman called ‘Papa’ ... and his depiction of the Holy Spirit as a frail Asian woman with the Hindu name, Sarayu, lends itself to a dangerous and false image of God and idolatry.” 
In a recent bible study in Proverbs 8:1 - 9:12 the question of God's wisdom being portrayed as a woman came up and the whole deal about a Greek goddess named Sophia polluted the discussion. To set things straight, Sophia is the Greek word for Wisdom, and it became a popular girls name. The Hagia (pronounced High-ya) Sophia means Holy Wisdom and is the name of an orthodox cathedral now used as a mosque, and God is not a wise woman named Sophia because of Proverbs 8 any more than He is a loud and wayward adultress because of what it says in Proverbs 7

No Bill Young, no Oprah, no Rachel, God is not dead, He is fully alive and fully a Male


Saturday, April 13, 2019

Random Bits

I didn't like March one bit. I endured 2 emergency room visits (one was due to a bad diagnosis from my ER visit in February) and personnel issues  on the church board, followed up with not one, but two blizzards, neither from Dairy Queen. (Ok, one was in April but still; I left Buffalo for this?)

March is a perfect example of why I don't do politics on this blog; AOC and her Green New Deal #9 From Outer Space (which made a mockery of her grasp on the economy, trains, and the number 12), President Trump was cleared of any hint of collusion so the Democrats go into overdrive to prove the 2016 election was a product of Trump's collusion, the desire of the Democrats to kill babies after their birth, and of course - the buffonery of the left in preparations for the upcoming elections. One such candidate is running for Mayor of Denver. She's a homosexual rapper who wears a painted on mustache and her platform has two planks: affordable housing, and she has osteogenesis imperfecta. Nothing else. I agree that Denver really needs affordable housing and hey, I've got an incurable disease too - Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, it's 500 times rarer than osteogenesis imperfecta and it's 100% fatal. Maybe I should run for Emperor of Colorado? Here''s my first bumper sticker: 
Romans 13 - It's In The Book
- I'm Doug Evans, and I approve this message

Scripture clearly says addressing false teaching is not divisive, and it’s actually important and essential

Seven threats you hear from false teachers (and I've hear them all, I'll bet you have too)

Speaking of false teachers: Bethel Church!

Planned Parenthood pressured the state of California to force curches to pay for abortions

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How Deep Do You Plant A Church?

“When the Greeks got the gospel, they turned it into a philosophy;

when the Romans got it, they turned it into a government;

when the Europeans got it, they turned it into a culture;

and when the Americans got it, they turned it into a business.”

―Biblical Scholar, Dr. Richard Halverson

There's many reasons to plant a new church here in North America. The number one reason I hear is that the need to plant churches is from Jesus' essential call to plant churches. First of all, there is no essential call from Jesus to plant churches, secondly there's only one church - the church that Jesus built, the one we call the Body of Christ
I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it. (Matthew 16:18)
Jesus didn't plant a church in a suburban neighborhood alongside four other churches, and he didn't insist that the lead guitarist become the worship leader for each congregation, He said (and put my first point in motion):
Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19)
To start let's look at four very important words here and then we'll circle back to planting churches. Those words are Church, Hades, Disciples, and Nations. Church is not a building where the worship band has their light show and kicks off their concert series, it is not a series of buildings that funnel money to the denomination head office. The word that Jesus spoke we translated to 'church' is ekklēsia (ἐκκλησία) and that means "a group of people". Jesus could very easily have said "I will build my team" and maybe that's what He really did say. Let's go with that: Church = Team because Jesus sure didn't mean "Let's put up something with decent acoustics in the auditorium and plenty of office space."

Friday, March 29, 2019

How Does One React?

How does one react when you disagree with the a portion of a sermon? I'm not talking about a terrifying utterance of blasphemy, nor am I suggesting a honorific shriek of heresy so vile that Satan would rub his hands together in glee. Think of a disagreement with congregational policy that could never be construed as either biblical or unbiblical and hardly even political. It's just policy.

One might consider sitting down with the pastor for a little one-on-one time after hearing the entire sermon. Yes, the offending portion was spoken in a very Spurgeonesque manner (if I may coin a phrase) but could you tone down the passion a bit? My brother in law helped write that policy and my wife is quite upset, can you believe it? She actually thought it was a personal attack on her brother and... you'll talk to her about it? Thank you Pastor Ralph.

That's one way to handle it, another way would be to jump up interrupting the sermon, wave your bible in the air, attempt to make an impassioned but incorrect biblical connection between the policy and one of the Apostles, then storm out of the service, start arguing with the security people in the foyer so loudly that it disturbed people in the sanctuary, burst back into the sanctuary to express your displeasure, shout at the pastor's wife while you block her exit from an office, then at home start shooting off a barrage of emails to the church board members showing an unhealthy level of denial and anger, then resign from the church board, then rescind your resignation from the church board, and then it gets worse.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Random Bits

Sorry I'm late - I've been sick all week, then heading here to Random Bits I got trapped by one of those self titled "Christian Anarchists". There's no such thing as a Christian Anarchist, it's like calling yourself a Meateating Vegan, or a Conservative Marxist or an Intellectual Admirer of AOC.

That's when I started coughing up little blobs of blood. I sent a note (and a pic of said blood blob) to Dr. Awesome who ordered me to report to St. Joe's ER, which I did. It turns out that '\my being "sick all week" wasn't bronchitis as ER visit #1/2019 told me, or C-DIF (which ER visit #2/2019 thought) but ER visit #3/2019 said it was pneumonia. yuk 😰

And there I go, mentioning Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I'm tempted to get all political here but I mustn't. On one hand, I'm a rail-fan, I love trains and her plan to replace airplanes with trains just warms my heart. I would love to take a train trip from Denver to Italy. But she has moved away from her initial Green New Deal Plan #9 From Outer Space silliness (I guess some people actually thought she was serious) and she has moved on to her actual agenda: dethroning God

However that's the tip of the rapidly growing iceberg, in Random Bits last week I mentioned a "goddess" that's running for president. This woman is not a goddess, she's not a guru, she's not a high priestess, what she is is Scary Dangerous. On with the show...

Abortion, hypnotism, astrology, augury, omen reading, necromancy, spell casting, seeking spiritual direction through natural phenomenon… is it any wonder that God Hates The Occult? part 2, part 3

Former first lady Hillary Clinton is defending the world wild human right to Kill The Babies!

Monday, March 4, 2019

What if Mormon missionaries told the truth about their religion?

What if Mormon missionaries told the truth about their religion?
by Matt Slick

If Mormon missionaries came to your door and told the absolute truth about their religion, how many people would really believe that? What if the Mormon missionaries had a dialogue that went something like this...

Knock Knock.

The door opens.

"Hello, we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And we want to tell you about the restored gospel. You see, after the apostles died, the church fell into apostasy. But God in his loving mercy restored the true gospel to Joseph Smith in the early 1800s. We bear our testimony to you that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true, restored church. All other churches are false.  Furthermore, we testify to you that, through heavenly Father's restored church, you have the ability, with the restored priesthood, by keeping commandments, and tithing, to reach godhood.  We want you to know Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that God was once a man on another world and by keeping the laws and ordinances of His God, he was able to reach the status of God himself. He, and his wife, now live in the heavenly realm and we are all their literal offspring born in the pre-existence before we came to this world. Our goal is to honor God by keeping his commandments, by going to the temple and receiving the tokens, and baptizing people for the dead, so that on the day of judgment we might become gods ourselves."

The man of the house stares back at the two young missionaries.  "Become gods?"

"Yes, you can become a God if you join our church, pay a full 10% tithe of your income to the church, and keep celestial law.  You can then call your wife forth and she will assist you as a goddess in populating your own planet."

The man's eyebrows can't rise any further, though he seemed to try.  "Goddess wife?"

"Yes sir, as you would be a God, she would be your wife and you and your family could stay together forever in heaven."

The man stares at the young men...for a while....not sure how to respond to all of that.

"Would you like a Book of Mormon?"

"What is this Book of Mormon?"

"The Book of Mormon is another Testament of Jesus Christ.  It was revealed to Joseph Smith who restored the true church when he was given golden plates by the Angel Moroni. Joseph translated the golden plates by the authority of God when he put a seer stone in a hat, he put his face in the hat, and then God gave him the translation of the reformed hieroglyphics that were on those gold plates."

After a few more seconds of staring, the man lowers his eyebrows and asks, "Hieroglyphics?  You mean Egyptian hieroglyphics?

Friday, March 1, 2019

Random Bits

Welcome to LentFest 2019! the annual tradition where Roman Catholics, Psudo Catholics, and Fallen Catholics play their annual game of My Sacrifice Is Greater Than Yours. Some give up chocolate (my mom's favorite sacrifice), others give up alcohol (my uncles always gave up hard liquor which was probably not that hard because none of them drank hard liquor, but between the three of them they would put away 2 cases of beer a day) I tended to give up riding my bike (which wasn't that hard because Buffalo is a slush covered morass during Lent) I personally am giving up Lent for Lent, which is kind of difficult because I sooo love a good fish fry on Lenten fridays (but logic dictates that if I give up Lent I can have a friday fish fry any day I want)

So why not give up something that everyone loves and let's join our Catholic brothers and sisters in this: let's give up Sin. Let's quit rebelling against God. We love sin so much that God had to send His son down here to walk a few hundred miles in our shoes to show us that a sin free life can be led, then he let himself be killed so our sins were forgiven through Father's grace. I know we want to see Jesus, but I think it will be less traumatic to see Him in His house rather than see Him in His second advent down here.

Are the Roman Catholic Holy Days of Obligation Biblical?

Mr. Pope goes full AOC

Mr. Pope’ top financial adviser and the Vatican’s economy minister convicted of molesting 2 choirboys. Pray for the surviving victim (one of his targets killed himself with heroine)

United Methodist Church upholds biblical position against homosexuality, same-sex marriage

Schism feared after United Methodist Church's narrow vote to retain gay bans

The "Goddess" that is running for president

Monday, February 25, 2019

Christian Witches: Blasphemy on Resurrection Sunday

Blasphemy on Resurrection Sunday 
Just when you think Satan's plan is all about sex, one of his oldest schemes of damnation crawls out from under a rock:
“The Bible is a huge book of sorcery. You literally can’t get around that. You can’t get around Jesus being a magician. There’s just no way,” - Calvin Witcher, self proclaimed prophet
10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord; and because of these detestable things the Lord your God will drive them out before you. (Deuteronomy 18:10-12)
Jesus was an sorcerer who 'performed alchemy' and the bible is really a 'book of magic' and that being a "Christian" Witch, or Wizard, or Mage is just ducky. There's actually people running around believing this, and (of course) there's someone out there to make money off their ignorance. So from April 15 to April 21 (Resurrection Sunday) in Salem Massachusetts (could they be more cliche?) attendees of the First Annual Christian Witches Convention will prance around in pointy hats, and gothic robes attending workshops (Tune Up Your Broom For Maximum Altitude? Boiling Children In Cauldrons Dos and Donts? Hummingbird Tongue - The Next Eye Of Newt?) all the while worshiping Satan and denying it through their teeth.

The advertisement for this upcoming detestable-fest breathlessly invites the spiritually confused to the "Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School" from Monday through Friday, April 15-19 promising  "Bible Magick, Ritual, Spell Work and MORE for the Practicing Christian Witch" All of this taught by "Mystery School Head Mistress Rev. Valerie Love" and guest visiting professor "Prophet" Calvin Witcher.

Monday through Thursday the "Mystery School" will cover Demonology, "Magick, Magick & More Magick!" which is a dive into "Hoodoo, Bible Magick, Chaos Magick, an Introduction to Enochian Vision Magick and the Grimoires in the Solomonic Tradition" AND "An Intense Introduction to the POWER OF BIBLE MAGICK featuring the secret teachings of Gideon" And on Friday "Prophet" Calvin Witcher Medium & Spiritual Healer (oh naturally) will teach a class on... something. They haven't announced it yet. In fact they haven't announced the venue yet, but they will get one, the good people of Salem MA haven't seen a witch whose purse they couldn't empty.

And how much is this sinful extravaganza? It's a mere $1,100 - or the cost of books and lab fees for an entire quarter at a self respecting college. If that's a bit much then there's the American Horror Story Apocalypse Themed Witches Ball on Saturday Night for only $99 (get your best Witchy gear on!) and if that's still too pricey for you there's the Resurrection Sunday Gospel Brunch "celebrating Resurrection Sunday Christian Witch style" for only $55

Friday, February 22, 2019

Random Bits

President Obama said that he was going to keep abortions "Safe, legal, and rare", then again he also said "If you like your plan you can keep it" and  “I didn’t call the Islamic State a ‘JV’ team” and “The day after Benghazi happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism”

Thanks to the encouragement from spineless men like Barack Obama the number of abortions performed in the United States is more than all homicides, all suicides, all drug overdoses, all alcohol related deaths, and all car accident deaths in the United States, combined, and quadrupled. If you took the combined number of all those deaths and multiplied by four you come up with 838,000 deaths, still nearly 100,000 deaths short of the number of Americans that were killed because their mothers wanted them dead.

Am I being unfair for blaming the deaths of 925,000 to a million children every year on their mothers? No, not at all, in fact I'd be unfair if I blamed it on any of the father because the feminists and their supporters tell us over and over that the father of that child has no say in that babies birth or execution. If you want to argue this, go right ahead in the comments below, but first watch this video by Steven Crowder. A video that will probably haunt me to my grave and adds fuel to my desire to leave Colorado

Protesters stop the slaughter of babies in Arizona!

Vatican envoy to France under investigation for sexual assault

A Catholic diocese is threatening to sue over the release of a picture of gay priests snuggling and kissing

Pope Francis lifts Pope St. John Paul’s sanction on Communist priest

Inside the horrifying, unspoken world of sexually abusive nuns

Transgender ideology is "a fraud perpetrated by psychiatry, the likes of something the United States and other nations hasn’t experienced since the lobotomy era."

United Methodists likely to fully affirm sodomy this weekend

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Ten Commandment Tuesday - How To Delete A Commandment You Don't Like

I Bring You These Fifteen... oops... Ten Commandments...
Are there 10 commandments? Mel Brooks told us that there were really 15 commandments but there was this issue coming down off Mt. Sinai. An atheist who didn't know anything about the bible he was arguing against said that there were over 600 commandments. I've been told that the 10 commandments are God's instructions to the Jews, so as gentiles they don't apply to us.

Are the 10 commandments the be-all, end-all of how God wants us to obey or are they merely guidelines?

The 10 Commandments seem to be a difficult to achieve moral imperative, but our salvation is no longer depending on the law, our salvation is in Christ. It is by our faith in Jesus Christ that we are saved, and that's only through God's grace. Does that mean that we can pitch the 10 Commandments off to the side and do what we want? Let me quote what Dennis Prager said at the beginning of this series:
[The 10 Commandments are] so relevant that the Ten Commandments are all that is necessary to make a good world, a world free of tyranny and cruelty... In 3,000 years no one has ever come up with a better system than the God-based Ten Commandments for making a better world. And no one ever will
And that's all we need to know, the 10 commandments are both marching order for the Jews, and guidelines for behavior as Christians. Having faith in Christ does not make murder or theft permissible because Jesus did not replace the 10 Commandments, what He did was make it proper application to the heart (Romans 8:1-4). Gotquestions.org tells us:
In place of the Old Testament law, Christians are under the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2), which is to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind…and to love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:37-39). If we obey those two commands, we will be fulfilling all that Christ requires of us: “All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments” (Matthew 22:40)
So it's good to review the 10 commandments, 1-4 tells us how to love God and 5-10 tells us how to love each other... unless you're a Roman Catholic. Given the option to remove a commandment a good Protestant would remove #4 - remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy and I've already covered that commandment from the Protestant point of view. But no matter if you're a sabbatarian or someone that demands repeal of Commandment #4, one day off a week to rest, recuperate, and recharge is a good idea, and God is the creator of good ideas.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Mancow: Speaking my truth to Harvest Bible Chapel's Pastor James

Harvest Bible Chapel Pastor James MacDonald, 
left, and Mancow Muller at a men's retreat in 
Michigan.courtesy of Mancow Muller
I've listened to conservative pundit Mancow Muller on and off for years, he's funny, entertaining and always dead on point. Besides an awesome Van Dyke beard Mancow and I have something else in common; our past contains a pastor who in public preached a very good gospel. However behind closed doors our pastors were very different animals. 

The lawsuit Mancow mentions in this op-ed is a defamation lawsuit James MacDonald filed against Julie Roys, a reporter for the bi-weekly Christian World magazine,  who investigated Harvest and the blog  “The Elephant’s Debt,” begun by former church members Ryan Mahoney and Scott Bryant, who questioned the financial stability of the church and accused MacDonald of putting Harvest Bible $44 million in debt. Mancow is now considering a class action lawsuit against Harvest and MacDonald

Mancow: Speaking my truth to Harvest Bible Chapel's Pastor James By Mancow Muller

"Do you worship Jesus Christ or James MacDonald?" I asked someone yelling at me over the phone this past Sunday after I dared go to Harvest church again.

Dumbstruck to silence. Nothing. "Exactly," I said, "you can't answer me." The phone went dead. 

Last time I checked, the Bible says Jesus is the "author and finisher of our faith" and that should be our focus -- not Pastor James MacDonald.

"For it is time for Judgment to begin with God's household ..." 1 Peter 4:17

MacDonald's books line my shelves. His CDs are scattered about my car. I have only one Bible, but so much James MacDonald.

Two of my recent vacations have been with him, including one halcyon day where he baptized me in the Jordan River in the Holy Land of Israel.

At Harvest Bible Chapel, with its network of seven Chicago-area campuses run by MacDonald, I was but one of the many thousands seeking Christ. I wanted my twin daughters and my formerly Catholic wife to have a real, living and current relationship with Jesus Christ just as I have.

Dressed in a weathered black leather jacket covering his hulking frame, snow-white Van Dyke beard and gleaming bald dome, MacDonald makes for a striking figure at the pulpit. His Bible-based sermons are some of the most entertaining you'll hear. You leave one of his services on a Sunday jazzed and revved up for the week ahead.

His preaching is good for the soul and good for the community.

Big questions are asked and answered at Harvest. Is there a God? Do I matter? What happens after we die? Everyone says the same thing when they witness his command of the altar. "What a gift he has!" But gifts are easy to abuse, easy to take for granted.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Random Bits

Abbie Johnson worked for Planned Parenthood for eight years. Through those years she rose to be a clinical director, but what she saw started to disturb her. Rather than making abortion safe and rare, Planned Parenthood saw (sees) it as a product that must be sold as often as possible. They started pushing quotas and raising those quotas while Abby and her co-workers were required to convince young women to have an abortion, and to hell with the alternatives. 

Then on September 26,2009 Abby was asked to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion. What she saw was the horror of a 13 week old baby for it's life against the doctors instruments until in horror she watched that little child killed and chopped to pieces in it's mother womb.

Desperate and confused, Abby sought help from a local pro-life group. She swore that she would begin to advocate for life in the womb and expose abortion for what it truly is. Planned Parenthood did not take Abby’s departure sitting down. The organization is fully aware the workers who leave are their greatest threat. They took immediate action to silence Abby with a gag order and brought her to court. The lawsuit was quickly seen as the sham it was and it was ultimately thrown out of court. The story of Abby's fight comes out March 29th: Unplanned 

On the day that Pope Francis’ sex abuse summit is due to start, “In the Closet of the Vatican” will be published claiming to lift the lid on gay priests in the Vatican and the double lives of senior officials.

Eighty per cent of priests working at the Vatican are gay living double lives having casual sex with gay partners and using male prostitutes

Former Cardinal and Full Time Pervert Theodore McCarrick is going to be defrocked (that's telling him  Mr. Pope! Good thing you didn't have to break out the brass ruler!) {Survivors of Catholic schools know what the Brass Ruler means}

NJ Catholic dioceses release the names of 188 priests and deacons accused of sexual abuse of children 

Friday, February 8, 2019

Random Bits

I was going to open with a commentary poking fun at "Glowarms" those folks that are addicted to the fanciful notion that people are causing Global Climate Change. Glowarms should show us that a cooler earth is a kinder earth by walking a paper route in Hettinger, North Dakota for the month of January.

But I was dissuaded from exploring the obvious by the words of our president:
“There could be no greater contrast to the beautiful image of a mother holding her infant child than the chilling displays our nation saw in recent days. Lawmakers in New York cheered with delight upon the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb moments from birth. These are living, feeling, beautiful babies who will never get the chance to share their love and dreams with the world. And then, we had the case of the governor of Virginia where he stated that he would ‘execute a baby after birth.’ To defend the dignity of every person, I am asking the Congress to pass legislation to prohibit the late term abortion of children who can feel pain in the mother’s womb... Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life. And let us reaffirm a fundamental truth: all children—born and unborn—are made in the holy image of God.”
I can say no more.

The Democrats not only love slaughtering babies in the womb, they want to kill them after they're born. Again - a mother (Senator Patty Murray) prevents the murder of children after they' are born

If you thought New York's Murder Abortion On Demand law was disgusting? Wait until you see the blood stained copy of Vermont's new proposed new law calls for the unrestricted slaughter of babies from conception to the moment of birth and if the baby somehow survives it has no rights to live so it can be tossed in the garbage while fully alive. Oh, and this bill was introduced by Ann Pugh, a mother of one, and Maxine Grad, mother of 3

Friday, February 1, 2019

A Nation Of Monsters

Not only did we elect him, we RE-ELECTED him.
When I was younger, before the Holy Spirit convicted me of the sins I was committing, I believed The Lie. There were many lies we we were told, but Lie Number 1 was "Abortion is ok" followed by "Roe v Wade is the law of the land"

How can anything be ok if the outcome is always a dead baby?

And Roe v Wade is not a law, so how can it be the law of the land? Roe v Wade is merely an interpretation of the constitution by the supreme court,  there was no follow up action by the legislative branch of the government. It was not codified by any bill which was passed by congress and signed into law by the President. (If you don't understand how the process works, here's some help.) Thanks to Roe v Wade the states can pass laws to either allow or restrict abortions which means that in those states if Roe v Wade is heard again by the SCOTUS, abortion would still be legal in those states if the Supreme Court came to a different conclusion.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

WWUTT Wednesday - Is Lady Gaga A Christian

Lady Gaga's Suggested Super Bowl LIII Costume
Lady Gaga, a Madonna wannabe that can actually sing, outted herself as a Christian recently, and she did it in a way that soothed the jangled nerves of the hate filled left - she wrapped her outting with a vile insult aimed at the Trump administration. Namely to a private citizen, Karen Pence, who's sin in the eyes of Gaga, was teaching children at a Christian school.

Now, as anyone knows, you can proudly stand and admit you are a child rapist and a Nazi war criminal with a taste for human flesh washed down with puppy blood to the applause and adoration of the left if you use that admission to insult Donald Trump. The Washington Post (a former news paper) has written an article that calls Gaga music, which inspires her listeners to sin without repentance, "a call to prayer and seek the Lord on Top 40 radio". The author of this theological masterpiece ignores the fact that she NEVER calls her followers to accept Jesus as their savior. The "WaPo" calls the bi-sexual with a dress fetish "both a practicing Christian and a passionate advocate for progressive values" without looking to see if  those "progressive values" are the "Christian Values" taught by Christ.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Random Bits

It's been a tough couple of weeks and there's only been a couple of weeks in the entire year 2019. All year long (all 25 days of it) I've been struggling with medical issues, if I take too much of a particular prescription I risk with kidney failure, if I take too little I risk cardiac failure. Dr. Chicago and her team (Barb, Miss Vickie, Ann, and The Good Ann) are frustrated getting the dosage just right - the problem is whether I take too much or too little I feel just fine, so I keep track of my stats: weight, blood oxygen saturation, body temp, and blood pressure and pass them on to the doc and her crew and wait for the inevitable dosage change (Note: my BP is usually 110/65, I don't get high BP, I'm a carrier, I cause high blood pressure in other people)

Prayers are welcome, especially for Dr. Chicago, Barb, Miss Vickie, Ann, and The Good Ann, But I would mostly like prayers for HC. My friend HC and his wife just lost a three year old child. She died right there in front of her parents and her six brothers and sisters. Needless to say that family is in shock. They truly are experiencing a family's worst nightmare.

I don't watch the History Channel very often (read: never) because they don't do actual history any more. I end up watching The History Guy on YouTube for my history fixes now (he is excellent). But I will make an attempt to watch the History Channel's new eight-part television series called “Jesus: His Life” and I'll report back to you

I was surprised to discover that Lady Gaga is an actual musician under her popular culture disguise (including her meat dress {it's a real thing, look it up}) but now she is a Christian Theologian! Dear Lord, please have mercy on the wretched souls that follow her

Actual Christians react to Lady Gaga's rants

Now that false teacher John of God is gone, so are his followers

Is the destruction of society caused by rebellious women, or are rebellious women a product of a destroyed society? Either way, weak men are a major component of the downfall

Hey! Pastor John Gray: Not everyone can be a Steven Furtick, but nice try!

The memory of a Louisburg KS teen inspires a bible reading challenge

An example of church discipline done right

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Rosebroughisms - Part of a healthy Christian Lexicon

If you don't listen to the Christian Pirate Radio podcasts you really should give them a try. They are informative, entertaining, and most of all good solid apologetics. Pastor Chris Rosebrough guides his good ship Fighting For The Faith through the oceans of nonsense that were filled with the embarrassing tripe spewed by false teacher, false prophets, and the NAR. (Excuse me for being redundant)

If you love Wretched Radio, you'll love all of the Pirate Christian Radio podcasts and broadcast radio. This is solid Christian teaching, and biblically based exposé of false teaching. false prophesy, and the NAR (again I apologize for the redundancy) If you have a long commute like I have, you may want to download these to your phone or mobile device and listen on the drive. This is the podcast I would have, if I had the talent, and the skill, and the charm, and the knowledge, and the voice, and the Lexicon.

Speaking of the Lexicon, Pastor Rosebrough has developed some great words that are able to convey some very complex ideas in just a few syllables. I try to work them into into my blog because they are creative, descriptive, on point, and can save a lot of typing. Here's some great words you may want to work into your next conversation at bible study: 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

WWUTT Wednesday - The Slaughter

NY Gov. Cuomo and Planned Parenthood supporters wearing what looks
like blood soaked rags. Fitting.
Reading the news for the past 24 hours has been pretty rough on me. I found out that a fellow I know and his wife suddenly lost their 3 year old daughter. Their family was very close and she died before the eyes of her parents and siblings.

I haven't been able to sleep thinking of the horror this fellow felt as his child gasped away her last breaths. Then there's Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student who was harassed by a native American, and when he kept his mouth shut  and held his tongue the liberal press just ravaged him for being white, for being a male, and for being Christian. He didn't say a word and they just mercilessly trashed him. But he's not alone, Christians are under attack world wide, and the attacks are growing every year.

And then there's New York

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ten Commandment Tuesday - The Commandment That Can Be So Hard To Obey

There they are, my babies; a matched pair of Lehigh Valley PAs in HO scale. They have DCC, sound, the works and they're all mine. I'm a Lehigh Valley Railroad fanatic and the way to get me to start coveting is to show me yet another new locomotive in Lehigh Valley colors. I already have the Snow Bird and the Yellow Jacket, the FAs and the RS2s. What I need now is the  pièce de résistance, the locomotive I grew up with: the Lehigh Valley ALCO RS11. The summers of my youth were spent chasing this slobbery old rust bucket up and down the Lehigh Valley branch line that ran through my home town. This stinky old hog would roll into town belching out clouds of black smoke, it's panels rattling and banging, it's engine snorting and coughing. To my 11 year old mind this was the epitome of mechanical excellence and I would love nothing more than to re-create those warm summer days in HO scale with this piece of plastic.

And that's what coveting is all about - I don't need that over-priced toy (no matter how good it looks when it's 'weathered'), I want it, a lot. And because I want it so much that my thoughts are distracted by images of 1/87th scale joy, I am very close to coveting it. I intend to save and scrimp up the $350 it takes to own this gem, but if thoughts of stealing this mini machine, or stealing the money to purchase it enter my head, the the 10th commandment is shattered.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Random Bits

Here it is, the third Friday of 2019 and I've gotten the random bits post out on time a total of once (and that's only if I get around to publishing it today). Many times I spend more time that I care to admit looking for interesting news worthy articles to read and publish, not this week! 

I've been inundated with news that is both hilarious and saddening. A guy walks into a Game Stop and throws a profanity filled childish fit because he wasn't called ma'am. What's the biblical method of handling that? The only thing that came to mind was to ask to see his drivers license, if it said "Female" say "I'm so sorry ma'am" If it said "Male" say "I'm sorry pal, no hard feelings, ok buddy?" You're not going to win a friend if you quote Deuteronomy 22:5

Any option you choose you're not going to win a friend, that person is full of Satans hate and is simply walking around looking to pick a fight. On the other hand I know some true transsexuals, and they're like any other person on earth, just looking to live without bother or hassle, just like you or me. They're not called to love us, so like "Miss Tiffany" they're emotionally free to act like a 2 year old when they don't get what they want. We on the other hand are called to love them and treat them with respect and grace. 1 Corinthians 4:5 It's all a test - like the rest of the news

Kasper, the Friendly Cardinal claims that people are using the clerical sex abuse crisis in order to oust Pope Frank from the papacy. Dude, you say that like it's a bad thing

Karen Pence (wife of VP Pence) teaches at Christian school, leftist meltdown is guaranteed 

Mike Pence hits back at the leftist meltdown: The mainstream media must stop 'attacks on Christian education'

Would Charles Spurgeon attend the G3 conference?

Ken Ham shows us the proper way to handle hate groups like the Freedom From Religion bullies

The End Is Near! The End Is Near! *gasp!*, *gasp!* There will be a Super Wolf Blood Moon on the 2nd anniversary of Donald Trump's swearing in ceremony. Coincidence? Let the trolling conspiracy theories begin

Mega-pastor James McDonald has taken an "indefinite sabbatical" from preaching and leading at the Harvest Bible Chapel Chicago location. Is this voluntary? Is this just spin to defuse public anger at his actions? Is he going to carry on being Mega-pain McDonald at a HBC outside of Chicago?

Something I've been saying for years: the problem with celebrity Christian music is that it takes the glory from God

Monday, January 14, 2019

Random Bits

I was reading some facebook posts and a friend whose cousin recently had just passed away posted a picture by "Light Bible" in memory of her cousin. The meme paraphrased Exodus 22:20-26. The picture said "Let us not be the ones who feel god's wrath when his children cry out for justice" That's sweet. 

However the quoted verse in this sweet picture starts with the destruction of pagans, proceeds to an angry God slaughtering the uncharitable with a sword leaving widows and orphans in His wake, then ends with ancient Jewish financial law.

Yes we have a God of love, but he's also a God of righteousness, a God of justice, a God of anger who hates those who stirs up divisions in the brotherhood and those who lie. How do we tell our friends on the fringes of Christianity that the quote they just posted actually shows a side of God that you were never taught and clearly are not ready to see? Do we just drop a commentary of their verse that was framed in roses and tulips and say "Bam. There's the whole story. We don't have a fuzzy puffball of a love god, we worship a God who created everything with a word and can burn it all up in fire if He wants. He's capable of so much more than hugs and memes." or do we just let them drift alone in their own little world?

I don't know if this story makes me angry, makes me sad, or makes me want to throw up my hands and say "It's coming! I warned you all!" What's not coming is peace to DC comics. When the Aquaman movie out sells the Justice League it's time for DC Comics to pack it in and go home. This is just a sign that they are late in getting packed Aquaman! Sheesh! What a wimp

Ignoring the fact that Jesus taught 9 of the 10 commandments, Andy Stanley says that the  Ten Commandments don't apply to Christians

Apparently the reformation doesn't apply to Christians either according to JD Greear, the SBC President

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wretched Wednesday - "Worship Music" VS Actual Hymns

My wife likes "Worship Music" and I prefer actual hymns. I want to make my wife, my gift from God, happy but as the spiritual head of the family I feel a need to assert what the Holy Spirit tells me and I take us to the local Congregational Church were Cindy plays the piano on par with Ingrid Fliter and I'm not kidding. (Cindy, if you're reading this, yes that link is a request). Sometimes her son will play his cello in a duet with her and it's wonderful. (Yes, more Chopin and yes, another request). 

The thing about classically trained worship musicians is that it's hard to tell when they get it wrong, there's maybe 4 people in our congregation who will notice if Cindy hits a clinker (she looks up at me or "Sir Richard" to see if we noticed). With a "worship band" it's sometimes hard to tell if they get it right. Don't get me wrong, there's some great, God loving, musicians out there trying to move their congregation closer to God, but their choice of music is awful, quite often they are choosing music from the Christian top 40 which sadly features spiritual drivel from a questionable source

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Ten Commandment Tuesday - Keep It Honest

Some people are upset with the president because he lies. These are usually people who were not upset with the previous president who was a prolific liar, and so was his predecessor, and so was his predecessor, and so on and so on.

Humans are really good about lying, so much so that humans have categorized them; there's white lies (which is a venial sin, what ever that is) boldface lies, lies by omission, broken promises, fabrication, exaggeration, deception, plagiarism, and according to Mark Twain (whose name is a lie, he's really Samuel Clemons) "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." (According to Twain Clemons, it was Benjamin Disraeli who coined that phrase). According to the prince of preachers. Charles Spurgeon:
"A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is still putting on it's shoes"

Friday, January 4, 2019

Random Bits

Last month I spent a little time in Philadelphia where my company is headquartered. We had a symposium centered around hiring veterans and most of us being veterans spent a lot of time together "comparing scars". Good times... The symposium ended with a trip to the 119th Army-Navy game. Being a USAF veteran I didn't have a dog in that fight, so I auctioned off my enthusiasm to the highest bidder and the Army won the rights to hearing my cheers. They also won the game. Coincidence? I think not.

Personally I like to go to the USAF academy and watch the Army and Navy football teams gasp in the thin air, the USAF Academy is at 6000 feet. As for the NFL, I haven't watched them in almost 2 years. The reason: Sometime in the near future a few young enlisted folks are going to take the flag, MY flag (it was stashed in my beloved EF-111A on a combat mission over downtown Baghdad) off of my coffin, fold it neatly, and hand it to my son. I don't want that flag stained in any way by a punk millionaire.

I'm back now and after catching up at work, I'm catching up at other things. I didn't put my Lord and savior on the back burner, but this blog did get cooled off some. And when I started looking at the news I just want to go back to my veteran brothers and sisters and ask "Did we just waste our time and youth? What did we defend?"

That pope fellow finally spoke out about the scandals rocking his church. It's too little too late, but it's something

Could it be money that got that pope fellow moving?

While diocese are being investigated for child abuse cover ups and bishops are being investigated for serial homosexual abuse, that Pope tells bishops to close ranks and stop pointing fingers. To me it sounds like he's telling his minions to not participate in the investigations. Am I wrong?

The popes instructions are not being followed as names are being named in the Church of the Pope

Oh Dear Lord - it's not just the priests and bishops (and cardinals and monsignors) but the NUNS TOO!