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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Top 10 Countries That Love To Kill Christians

Here's a top 10 list of the countries that have made the persecution of people for their Christian faith a state goal. From worldwatchlist.us:

10. Eritrea - This tiny country on the horn of Africa has banned any religion that is not   Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran or Islam. Any persons caught practicing a form of religion that falls outside of these will be arrested, locked in military prison camps and held in shipping containers. Nearly a third of captured Christians die in captivity.

9. Yemen - There is some religious freedom for foreigners  and a few government permitted churches for the Christians of the city of Aden, but other than that no church buildings are allowed. Evangelism and conversion is forbidden and Yemenis who leave Islam will be executed.

8. Iran - Bible training and publishing Scriptures in Farsi are illegal, the government monitors all Christian activities, especially meetings in private homes. Native Iranian Christians are being forced to flee the country. Muslims who leave Islam face the death penalty.
7. Mali - following a military coup in March 2012 a harsh Islamic regime has taken over the northern portion of the country, tens of thousands of people have fled south or left Mali completely to avoid the hostility toward Christians.

6. Maldives - It is illegal to be anything but Muslim in the Maldives, Conversion to any other faith is prohibited by law and converts are subject to extreme persecution. There are no church buildings or gatherings and their state religion is moving toward Deobandi Islam, the religion of the Taliban whose goal is to purge Islam of all outside influences. There are very few indigenous Christians left there.

5. Somalia - It is too dangerous for Christians to openly meet in this Islamic state. Terrorist groups backed by al-Qaeda target converts to Christianity and seeks to execute them. Aid workers are regularly abducted regardless of faith.

4. Iraq - Christians in Iraq are faced with extinction. Large numbers of Christians had to flee the country for their lives. Up until recently they could enter the Kurdish region where they faces unemployment, lack of schooling, medical care and housing.
3. Afghanistan - Christians cannot meet in public, and private gatherings require extreme caution. No church buildings exist for indigenous and foreign Christians. All Christians are subject to kidnapping, torture, and execution. The Taliban is regaining power and has vowed to purge all Christians from Afghanistan.

2. Saudi Arabia - the holy land for the religion of peace constitutionaly mandates the execution of any citizen for the sin of not being a muslim. Public Christian worship is forbidden and violators will be imprisoned, tortured, lashed and deported. Foreign employees are exposed to abuse from their employers, and muslim converts to Christianity will be killed by their own families. (Honor Killings) 

1. North Korea - Christians are classified as hostile and face arrest, detention, torture, even public execution. There is a system of labor camps including the renowned prison No. 15, which reportedly houses 6,000 persecuted Christians alone. Despite the severe oppression, there is a growing underground church movement of an estimated 400,000 Christians.

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